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Practical information

Visa and passport

An entry visa is required of all visitors to Ethiopia, with the exception of Kenyan and Djiboutian citizens. 

Once you are officially registered for the SAM and have paid your inscription, you can begin making visa arrangements. There are 2 options on how to proceed with the visa process:

1. You are an Ethiopian, Kenyan, or Djiboutian citizen:  you do not need a visa to take part in the African Microfinance Week in Addis Ababa. Your will only need to bring your entrance ticket with you.

2. You are NOT an Ethiopian, Kenyan, or Djiboutian citizen: you will need a visa to take part in the African Microfinance Week. All confirmed participants must still pay the entry visa fee as well as present all requested documents to the Ethiopian authorities. There are two options with how to proceed with the visa process:

  • You live in a country with an Ethiopian embassy: you will be emailed a PDF copy of your invitation letter within a week after reception of your entrance ticket; this letter will facilitate acquiring a visa. Once you have received this letter, please present yourself to the Ethiopian embassy in your country as soon as possible. You will need your entrance ticket, the invitation letter, and any other documents requested by the embassy. 
    Please take note that it may take several weeks for your visa to be processed. We recommend that you begin the process as soon as possible.
  • You live in a country without an Ethiopian embassy: please send a scanned copy of your passport to the email address that will be written in your confirmation e-mail; this copy will be then transmitted to the Ethiopian Ministry of Foreign Affairs as well as to the Immigration Office at the Addis Ababa airport. Once the application has been processed, we will send you a copy of your travel authorization, which allows you to fly into Addis Ababa. Upon arrival at the airport, please present this authorization to an immigration official and pay the visa fee.
    Please note that residents who are not of the same nationality as their resident country must also provide their residence card.

To find out if your country of residence has an Ethiopian embassy or consulate: 

Travel and airport

Ethiopia has 56 airports and Bole International Airport, located less than 10 km southeast of central Addis Ababa, is the main hub of the country.
Official website of Bole International Airport

Ethiopian Airlines provides most direct connections from major cities to Addis Ababa airport. However, it is possible to use other companies.

Bole International Airport

Bole International Airport


Shuttles will be provided to take you from our partner hotels to the venue of the event, the Sheraton Addis. We will soon post their schedules and itineraries on this page.

Our partner hotels

In order for you to easily access the venue, ADA has partnered with 6 hotels located near the Sheraton Addis where the SAM 2017 will be held.

Special discounts for SAM 2017 participants

Each SAM participant will receive a code with their registration ticket to take advantage of a special discount

All useful information for booking a room at one of our partner hotels is available on the map below:



  • DSC05385

    Ramada Hotel

  • DSC05386

    Ramada Hotel

  • DSC05375

    Momona Hotel

  • DSC05376

    Momona Hotel

  • DSC05381

    Momona Hotel

  • DSC05393

    Sapphire Hotel

  • DSC05400

    Sapphire Hotel

  • DSC05401

    Sapphire Hotel

  • DSC05417

    Jupiter Hotel

  • DSC05421

    Jupiter Hotel

  • DSC05423

    Jupiter Hotel

  • DSC05362

    Inclusive Hostel

  • DSC05364

    Inclusive Hostel

  • DSC05365

    Inclusive Hostel

  • Kaleb 1

    kaleb hotel

Hotels Special SAM rate (per night) Rate includes Contact
Ramada Addis

 99 USD for superior king and 119 USD for deluxe room, single occupancy, subject to 10% service charge and 15% VAT

Shuttle to / from airport,
Internet, Gym

Senaybizu Anmaw, Sales Executive:

Rabiat Sultan, Assist. Director of Sales 


You can also book
your stay online on this link

Momona Hotel

85 USD

Shuttle to / from airport,
Internet, swimming pool, SPA, gym
Yonathan Yimer, Sales and Marketing :


Kaleb hotel 

60 USD 

10 % Service charge et 15 %VAT, Fitness center, Wifi, SPA

+ 251 11 662 22 00/ 12

Sapphire Addis Hotel

70 USD


Shuttle to / from airport,
Internet, SPA, gym
Liya H/Mariam

Jupiter International Hotel (Cazanchise)

100 USD

Shuttle to / from airport,
Internet, SPA, gym
Abeba Amsier, Reservation Agent:

Inclusive Hostel

 35 USD per day for a junior standard  room
 40 USD per day for a twin junior standard room
 100 USD per day for VIP room

Petit-déjeuner, navette de/ vers l'aéroport, Internet , gym, TVA  Tizita Teshome, General Manager :




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