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Accelerating financial inclusion in Central America and Dominican Republic

ADA supports the expansion of inclusive finance products and services in Central America and the Dominican Republic through a technical and financial support programme to the REDCAMIF regional network.

In Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Panama, and the Dominican Republic, over 40% of the population lives below the poverty line. Despite the networking of microfinance institutions (MFIs), only 22% of the 5.5 million micro-entrepreneurs in the region have access to financing to grow their businesses. The penetration rate remains low in urban-peripheral and rural areas.

In these countries, MFIs rely on national networks for the extension of their services. The networks play a key role in developing inclusive finance and in bringing about a more favourable political environment. 

The national networks themselves are grouped around REDCAMIF, a regional microfinance network which today represents seven national networks: Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Panama, and the Dominican Republic. Together, these seven networks gather 137 MFIs and serve more than a million and a half clients.

The REDCAMIF network has received technical and financial support from ADA since 2011. The projects we developed with REDCAMIF are then expanded to the seven national networks, which in turn, expand them to their member MFIs.


REDCAMIF: multiplied impact


Objectives of the project REDCAMIF: Promoting innovative financial products to sustain the sector

The joint project ADA-REDCAMIF for the expansion of inclusive finance rests upon three fundamental pillars:

  • The development of innovative inclusive finance services and products: based on a thorough diagnosis and on the application of new technologies, the products offered better meet customer requirements. The product offering has expanded to include savings accounts, leasing and insurance. The granting of loans has also been extended to provide access to green energies. In addition, the deployment of "mobile banking" enables clients to conduct financial transactions by using a simple mobile phone.
  • The sustainability of national networks: a support fund for innovative initiatives assists national networks in their development of strategic projects, which enables them to achieve financial viability. Projects include instilling and developing an entrepreneurial culture, together with the appropriate strategies within the networks. Financial reporting tools have now been put in place with REDCAMIF and the seven national networks.
  • Professionalising the sector: this approach is reflected in MFI capacity building, for example with regard to risk management, governance, transparency and social performance.
    Training sessions in risk management have been organised, in particular in Costa Rica, Honduras and Nicaragua. Technical assistance has been provided to six MFIs, allowing them to integrate social performance management systems into their strategies.

Based on a participatory approach, and making use of information technology, the project also aims to improve exchanges between the different actors and members of the REDCAMIF network.

A strategic alliance serving 1.2 million micro-entrepreneurs

By providing technical and financial assistance to REDCAMIF, ADA enhances the seven national networks’ relevance and impact, as well as that of the 133 MFIs accounting for 40% of the portfolio invested in rural areas, thus positively affecting 1.2 million micro-entrepreneurs, 59% of which are women.


Latest news - August 2016

The success of the MFI ECLOF with its new housing loan

The MFI ECLOF from Dominican Republic is one of the participant MFIs in the pilot project of new products development led by ADA-REDCAMIF.

ECLOF adapted and implemented its new housing loan with experts from ADA-REDCAMIF in November 2015. Less than a year later, they already got results that exceed the goals set by the pilot. A success achieved thanks to a product focused on the needs of the local population, the extensive work of the team involved and an effective communication strategy.

ECLOF called its new credit "MejoraFácil". It is granted for the repair or improvement of housing and ranges from minor repairs to major improvements. Moreover, MejoraFácil comes with a service of technical assistance in construction. To provide this service, dedicated teams were set up in every national network, or directly in the MFI that provides housing credit, to advise customers in the technical aspects of their project (selection of materials, suppliers, property rights, etc.) and to ensure that the work is carried out following high international standards. This technical support in construction is an innovation that guarantees the success of this new credit.



José Luis González Renderos, Vice-president of REDCAMIF

José Luis González Renderos, Vice-President of REDCAMIF


"The framework agreement signed with ADA allows REDCAMIF to develop innovative solutions and disseminate these new products through the networks of each country. In this context, ADA is a key strategic partner to efficiently develop the network."
Jose Luis Gonzalez Renderos, Vice-President of REDCAMIF




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