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ADA's motto

Inclusive Finance. Increasing Autonomy. Improving Lives.

ADA's motto

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ADA's motto evokes its field of work, its method and its objective:

Inclusive Finance. Inclusive finance is the field in which ADA is active. The term "inclusive finance" is gradually replacing "microfinance", which first appeared over four decades ago. Inclusive finance comprises all financial products and services tailored to populations that have traditionally been locked out of the conventional banking system.

Increasing Autonomy. ADA professionalises inclusive finance players in a participatory manner. The aim is to transfer know-how to them rather than to assist them, so that they can take responsibility for their own development and lift themselves out of poverty. Access to inclusive financial products and services also boosts the self-sufficiency of beneficiary populations. Inclusive finance is a way of giving them the keys to their own future.

Improving Lives. Raising the living standards of poor populations is ADA's ultimate goal. Inclusive finance services give them the opportunity to finance their activities, save money, support their families and hedge against the risks of everyday life, all of them actions that improve their lives and those of their families.

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