How to register for SAM 2019 training courses?

You have registered for SAM 2019 and we thank you for your interest!

You can now pick and choose among the numerous trainings and workshops offered. All are free of charge and are provided by the best experts in the field.

How to proceed?

To take advantage of the SAM 2019 trainings, please follow the instructions below.

You are just 5 steps to build your own customized training program.

1. Go to:

2. Click on "Edit activities"

3. Enter the registration number (which appears on your SAM admission ticket received by email when you registered) and the email with which you registered.

4. You will arrive on a page that lists all the courses in which you can participate. Choose the ones that interest you.

5. Click on "Confirm"

It's done! You will receive your updated SAM registration ticket in return.

I register for trainings

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