How Covid-19 impacts us.

Covid 19 - ADA

The recent evolutions about the development of Covid-19 in the world force us to adapt our work, on a practical level and in the way we will organise our day to day activities: from March 16th, all ADA staff will work remotely. Meetings, communications, discussions will be done by phone (reception and transfer of calls have been set), email, Skype, WhatsApp, Zoom, etc... projects will be managed remotely, in trusting collaboration with our partners. It is finally another form of autonomy that we are building here.

No doubt that it is in the nature of NGOs to face challenges and adapt to exceptional circumstances. Technology today allows us this flexibility. Contact with the field will (temporarily) lose but we wanted to reaffirm that despite this unprecedented health crisis, ADA's action continued, continues and will continue throughout this period.

This pandemic reminds us that we occupy one planet, that diseases, tragedies, inequalities, and poverty affect us all. From this planetary crisis, perhaps a new concept of inclusion will rise, that of a world that is inclusive because it is global, more just because based on solidarity.

Members, supporters, partners, let's keep in touch and let's get on with the work!

The activity continues at ADA

Despite the confinement, ADA's full Board of Directors met by teleconference on Tuesday.

During this exceptional period, the frequency of Board meetings will be increased to weekly in order to remain responsive at all times. ADA's offices remain closed but work continues with partners and teams.


Below is a screenshot of the last board meeting via Zoom.


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