MFI client awareness comic on Coronavirus

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By MicroSave Consulting

To raise awareness against Covid-19, MicroSave Consulting has developed conversational comics in partnership with the Metlife Foundation and the Mastercard Foundation. This series of comics is intended for microfinance institutions (MFIs) to inform front-line staff members about security measures to be taken during the pandemic. These comics have been customized by language and for different geographical areas. They are important awareness-raising tools that can play a role in reducing the spread of the coronavirus, especially within communities. 

In Asia, 16 million clients of 14 MFIs have already been trained with these comic strips, which are used on digital channels (whatsapp, social networks), which are the most widely used by the populations, to raise awareness among their staff, clients and opinion leaders.

Find below, the links to access them. They are free of charge. Feel free to download and share them.


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