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Discover the results of ADA's "COVID-19 Response Programme" and REDCAMIF's financial education videos on care and prevention in the time of COVID-19.


Results of the "COVID-19 Response Programme" to the COVID-19 Crisis


On 20 April, ADA launched a call for participation in the COVID-19 crisis response programme. ADA's partner networks, such as REDCAMIF in Central America, MMFA, CMA and MFA in Asia, facilitated the dissemination of the call and feedback on applications. A committee was set up for the selection of MFIs, in which priority was given to level 2 and 3 MFIs that follow good practices in terms of transparency and pursue a strong social mission.

The picture above shows the 23 beneficiary MFIs at the level of REDCAMIF and the national networks.

In addition to the three support components of this programme, ADA has also developed and made available to the microfinance sector a whole set of tools:

- Guidance note for MFIs
- Toolbox for defining a business continuity plan
- Assistance in scenario building and liquidity gap analysis
- Guidance on extending the maturity of WAEMU MFIs

To achieve this objective, ADA has mobilised €1 million to help its partners cope with the crisis. A total of 115 applications were received, of which 80 were accepted for a total amount of €1,023,000, of which 60% for the purchase of protective material and equipment and 40% for technical assistance.

Modules for care and prevention in time of COVID-19

REDCAMIF has been promoting for one year the financial education programme-EDUFIN, which aims to provide digital solutions to MFIs to improve and massify their strategies. In the current context, REDCAMIF and Grupo Analítica have joined forces to create a free module for MFIs in the region. The aim is for the videos to reach as many clients as possible in the region and to have an impact from a social, health and financial point of view.

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