Webinar: The Social and Economic Profitability of Inclusive Insurance in the Time of COVID-19


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While the COVID-19 pandemic has brought great challenges to microfinance, it has also provided the industry with learning and opportunities. The current crisis has impressed upon people, especially the most vulnerable segments, the importance of insurance as a mechanism to confront risks and overcome their effects, while at the same time creating a unique opportunity for microfinance institutions to engage with the insurance industry in developing complementary products that leverage their social impact while also generating benefits for MFIs. In this Expert Forum, we will address this situation and analyze, through initiatives in the region, the benefits, challenges and possible solutions for MFIs to take advantage of this opportunity.


- Francisco Astellara (Moderator), Board Member of the Microinsurance Network and Secretary General of FIDES (Chile)

- Erik Jarrín, Founder of Tunajali (Miami)

- Eloísa Acosta, General Manager of FAMA OPDF (Honduras)

- Salvador da Cunha, CEO Affinity (Dominican Republic)

- Denis Alemán, General Manager, Serinsa (Nicaragua)


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