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Workshops, training and a whole ecosystem of events

The secret of the SAM’s success is to be found in a common desire to bring the industry together in a single place to optimise knowledge sharing. The SAM is not just a conference, it is rather an ecosystem of events: training, workshops, an Innovation Salon and an Investor Fair all take place around the conference. This wealth and diversity of events is also supported by other partners ready to deliver training sessions and share their knowledge.

Exchange, share and extend its impact

The SAM brings African microfinance professionals together in a single place where they are able to discuss a range of issues and hold exchanges.
Above all, it facilitates meetings by being open to other actors, ranging from politicians and financiers, to investors, innovators, entrepreneurs and even trainers. In this way, it contributes to the development of microfinance in a changing world.

Words from the participants

To learn more about the conference through the experience of participants of the previous edition

The SAM, opportunity maker

The SAM brings together the different forms of expertise required to foster inclusive finance for impact. In the space of just one week, a participant - often the director of an MFI - benefits one or two training sessions, attends the conference, meets with networks, has discussions with future partners, speaks with state representatives, and discovers the latest innovations in digital finance.
This successful event is now producing significant results translating into signed contracts, changes within microfinance institutions, amendments
to regulations...  For even greater impact.

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