European Microfinance Week 2020 (18-20 nov.)



European Microfinance Week (EMW) 2020 is virtual!

e-MFP are excited for you to join them from wherever you are in the world and connect for three days of knowledge exchange, peer to peer learning and the chance to engage with thought leaders from the financial inclusion sector.

A new version of a well-established model
EMW is a member-driven event which takes the pulse of the industry - a unique meeting point for knowledge sharing and an excellent forum for networking. In other years, as an in-person conference, in Luxembourg, EMW welcomes 500 professionals from all over the world - leading global experts, opinion-leaders, policy-makers and investors from the financial inclusion sector. And while the decision to take EMW 2020 online is a result of current circumstances, it also means abundant opportunities – to bring the work, initiatives, ideas and discussions to a much broader international audience, while at the same time adapting the format of sessions to maximise interactivity and engagement.

A rich conference programme
EMW2020 remains a member-led conference and based on feedback of what they wanted included, a rich and dynamic conference programme has emerged. The more than 40 sessions will be organised across several thematic streams – the impact of Covid-19, Climate Change resilience, Client Protection, Digitalisation, and Encouraging Effective and Inclusive Savings (the topic of the European Microfinance Award) among them. Other front line topics included are – housing microfinance, WASH, remittances, refugees, agri-finance – among others. As always, they have lined up top experts – practitioners, academics, investors, raters and others – to lead these sessions and the extensive Q&A and audience engagement activities as well.

What to expect?
In the first virtual EMW, join the plenaries focusing on – current data on the ‘state of the sector’, client protection post-Smart, the client experience in savings, and ‘2020 in the rear mirror: conversations on the future of financial inclusion’. There will be publication launches too – from the Housing Microfinance book ‘Taking Shelter’ to e-MFP papers on climate change and savings. Many new session formats will feature – topic lounges, working sessions, fireside chats, interviews, as well as the more traditional panel sessions, to keep attendees engaged. There will be ample opportunities to join in live and interactive discussion, and of course their dedicated platform offers terrific possibilities to expand your network and connect in one-to-one chats with other attendees and join peers with similar interests in the topic lounges.


ADA at the European Microfinance Week

Wednesday, 18th November - 16:45 - 17:45
Working session "Overcoming the difficulties of field research"
By: Mathilde Bauwin (ADA)

Thursday, 19th November - 16:15 - 16:45
Case study "Linking insurance with remittances to improve resilience"
By: Matthew Genazzini (ADA)

Friday, 20th November - 15:00 - 16:00
Working session “Smallholder Safety Net Upscaling Programme” (SSNUP) - invitation only
By: Matthew Genazzini (ADA)

Working session "Overcoming the difficulties of field research"
November 18th - 16:45 - 17:45


Our R&D project manager Mathilde Bauwin will lead this working session during which participants will share their experiences in implementing surveys among financial service providers and beneficiaries. Many initiatives have indeed emerged during this period of crisis, and while collecting information from the field is obviously extremely useful, it can sometimes pose difficulties, particularly in terms of method, logistics, analysis, interpretation, appropriation, etc. The session will be an opportunity to exchange on these difficulties and to share the solutions that some have been able to find or test so far.

Case study "Linking insurance with remittances to improve resilience"
November 19th - 16:15 - 16:45


The project was launched in October 2017 with funding from the “Scaling Up REmittances (SURE) facility / Promoting innovative remittance systems and investment channels for migrants in rural economies”, financed by the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD), and the Ministry of European and Foreign Affairs of Luxembourg.

The objective of the project is to promote access to insurance products for migrant workers in Dubai and their families back home, through an innovative technology solution linked to remittances. The project is being implemented in partnership with Democrance, an insurance technology company based in Dubai.

A presentation of the project will take place during the European Microfinance Week on Thursday 19th November at 16.15.

Working session “Smallholder Safety Net Upscaling Programme” (SSNUP)
November 20th - 15:00 - 16:00


A presentation of the new initiative “Smallholder Safety Net Upscaling Programme” (SSNUP) will take place during the European Microfinance Week on Friday 20th November at 15h00. This session is by invitation only and has been designed for donors and funders specifically. Please contact Matthew Genazzini to participate.

“Smallholder Safety Net Upscaling Programme” (SSNUP) is a 10 year initiative of the Swiss and Luxembourg Development Cooperation’s that aims to strengthen the resilience and improve the well-being of 10 million smallholder households across the globe in partnership with impact investors and their technical assistance facilities.


Participate online in the European Microfinance Award 2020!

EMA 2020

In the framework of the EMW, participate in the announcement ceremony of the winner of the European Microfinance Award 2020, entitled "Encouraging Effective & Inclusive Savings", which will take place online on 19 November at 14:00 (Luxembourg time). A prize worth 100,000 euros will be awarded to one of the 3 finalists.

The 2020 edition, digital and open to all, will be broadcast live and in 3 languages (English, French and Spanish).

More information about the European Microfinance Award 2021