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FAR 2021 (English edition)

D-Day for the FAR 2021 training which started this morning in Kigali, Rwanda

11 October 2021


Following the first introductory part of the FAR training in June 2021 (e-learning), the second part was held in-person in Kigali from 11 to 16 October 2021, one week before the African Microfinance Week. This second session brought together the most assiduous participants of the two previous FAR trainings (FAR 2021 in English and FAR 2020 in French).
39 participants from 18 countries were hosted by ADA, FAO and the professional association of MFIs in Rwanda (AMIR) and 10 experts for a week of training in agricultural and rural finance.

Last days for e-learning! Thanks to the 40 participants and 12 experts for their commitment

10 June 2021


The FAR 2021 agricultural and rural finance programme ended yesterday with the 5th and last e-learning module on agricultural insurance and the final webinar on green microfinance.
A total of 40 participants (executives from financial institutions and government agencies) from 14 African countries took part in the training.
In addition, 12 experts from FAO, ADA, IFAD, USAID, Rabobank, Incofin, Oikocredit and Microenergy, among others, presented concrete activities and results on given themes, in order to draw lessons from best practices.

FAR 2021 training in English has started!

17 May 2021



On Monday 17 May, the first edition of the Training in agricultural and rural finance (FAR 2021) in English began. 40 participants from 14 African countries took part in the online training which will last until 11 June (4 weeks). All participants have more than 400 years of experience in microfinance and rich exchanges have already taken place on the online platform's forums.

The first module and the first webinar "The impact of Covid-19 pandemic on agricultural finance" were moderated by Massimo Pera from FAO, who is the pedagogical advisor of the programme together with Soulemane Djobo from ADA.

FAR 2020 (French edition)

Great performance for the 1st e-learning session of the Agricultural and Rural Finance (FAR) programme

7 December 2020

On 4th December, the training in agricultural and rural finance (FAR) organised by ADA and the Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations (FAO), supported by the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs of Luxembourg (MAEE), through the CABFIN project which aims to improve capacity building in rural finance, ended. Initially planned in Luxembourg, the training had to be adapted to the health crisis. The new formula thus proposed an introductory e-learning session, with courses and webinars over 4 weeks.

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132 candidates, 64 selected, 19 French-speaking African countries represented

The programme was targeted at managers in financial institutions and programme officers in public agencies who develop strategies for designing and delivering products that help finance agricultural activities.
Out of 132 candidates who applied for the training, 64 participants from 19 French-speaking African countries were finally selected by ADA, MAEE and FAO to take part in the 4-week introductory session from 9 November to 4 December 2020.

A rich programme: 5 courses, 4 webinars, 10 expert speakers

For 4 weeks, the 64 participants had access to 5 introductory online courses that they could follow at their own pace:

Part 1: "Financial products and markets":
- market opportunities and product design
- digital financial services for agricultural financing
- financing mechanisms in agricultural value chains

Part 2: "Risk management strategies" :
- risk management in agricultural finance
- agricultural insurance

The courses also included online discussion forums with other participants and experts, as well as knowledge tests.

In addition, 4 webinars took place at the rate of one webinar per week, focusing on the current challenges of agricultural finance:
Webinar 1: "Lessons learned from the Covid-19 pandemic", Massimo Pera (FAO)
Webinar 2: "Agroforestry Financing and Management", Patrick Losch (ADA) & Kaspar Wansleben (FCCF)
Webinar 3: "The impact of climate change", Maylina St Louis and Nadine Valat (FAO)
Webinar 4: "Agricultural refinancing opportunities", Soulémane Djobo (ADA), Matthew Genazzini (ADA), Philippe Guichandut (Grameen Crédit Agricole Foundation). This is an opportunity to introduce participants to the Smallholder Safety Net Upscaling Programme (SSNUP) launched last October, which aims to support smallholder farmers around the world, particularly in Africa.

A total of 10 experts from the agricultural and rural sector took part in the training to present activities and concrete results on given themes, thus making it possible to identify and analyse experiences in order to draw lessons with regard to best practices.

Active participation

The 64 participants showed a real interest in training in agricultural and rural finance, with each participant spending an average of 5 hours per week (between courses and webinars).
In addition, nearly 400 messages were exchanged on 5 forums between the participants themselves or with the speakers.

FAR 2019 (French edition)

Launch of the first FAR programme in French in Ouagadougou

29 October 2019

Ahead of the SAM (African Microfinance Week) 2019 in Ouagadougou, the first edition of the French-speaking training programme in rural and agricultural finance was held by ADA and FAO, through the CABFIN project. This programme aimed to strengthen the understanding of the issues and challenges of rural finance by executives of financial institutions in French-speaking Africa. For two weeks, 42 participants from 13 African countries were trained by 15 expert speakers in innovative techniques for accessing financial services for agricultural actors.