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Arendt et Medernach

Arendt offers specialist advice, covering all legal, regulatory, taxation and advisory aspects of doing business in Luxembourg. Arendt is driven by what their clients need and is committed to supporting their success. This has led to the formation of their Services, Regulatory and Consulting and Advisory businesses as well as comprehensive training support. Arendt is composed of lawyers, regulatory consultants, business advisers, and corporate and fund service experts. Arendt bridges the gap between legal advice and its implementation.

Moreover, Arendt has structured a dedicated impact team which has gained significant experience in structuring microfinance and impact investing funds as well as other impact projects.  The Arendt Impact Team offers high quality skills to selected impact finance projects initiated by specialised managers, first time fund initiators and/or private and public players for their innovative/pilot projects.

The Arendt Impact Team claims, without utopia, for a better world in helping their clients to reach the maximum impact by providing top tier legal skills at adapted financial conditions.

Nos sponsors "Amis"

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Enovos Luxembourg S.A. – Electricity, natural gas and renewable energies – is the Luxembourg’s main energy supplier is Enovos, which also operates in Germany, France and Belgium.

The mission of Enovos consists in two main pillars: on the one hand, Enovos provides electricity, natural gas and renewable energies to a wide range of customers including industrial clients, SMEs and private households. On the other hand, Enovos is active in the development of renewable energy projects. Thus, Enovos continuously invests in renewable energy production, especially in the domains of photovoltaic energy and wind power. By doing so, Enovos ensures a sustainable and competitive energy supply for all its customers.

Enovos is a driving force in Luxembourg’s energy transition. The high expertise in the fields of eco mobility, energy efficiency, smart applications and distributed energy production make Enovos a key player in building Luxembourg’s energy future.

More information: www.enovos.lu

Nos sponsors "Villageois"

The Agri-Business Capital Fund (ABC Fund) invests in smallholder farmers and small-to-medium sized rural agribusinesses (SMEs) in developing countries to support sustainable and inclusive agricultural value chains. The Fund offers a set of financial products, including loans and equity, specifically tailored to the needs of smallholder farmers and agribusiness SMEs. Along with financing, the Fund helps its investees address capacity challenges and develop their business through a Technical Assistance Facility. The ABC Fund was initiated by the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) in partnership and with funding from the European Union, the African, Caribbean and Pacific Group of States (ACP), the Luxembourg Government and the Alliance for a Green Revolution in Africa (AGRA). It is managed by Bamboo Capital Partners in partnership with Injaro Investments. The Technical Assistance is provided by Agriterra.






BNP Paribas est une banque de premier plan en Europe avec un rayonnement international. Elle est présente dans 72 pays, avec plus de 202 000 collaborateurs. Le Groupe détient des positions clés dans ses trois grands domaines d'activité : Domestic Markets, International Financial Services et Corporate & Institutional Banking.

La microfinance, au cœur de l’engagement RSE du Groupe
Pour BNP Paribas, être une banque engagée, c’est avant tout assurer le financement de l’économie réelle de manière éthique, en accompagnant l’ensemble de ses clients dans la réalisation de leurs projets. En ligne avec les Objectifs de Développement Durable de l’ONU, la responsabilité du Groupe se manifeste dans trois autres domaines : social, civique et environnemental. C’est dans le cadre de cette responsabilité civique, que BNP Paribas célèbre cette année ses 30 ans d’engagement en faveur de la microfinance. En 30 ans, plus de 2 millions de personnes ont pu bénéficier de microcrédits (dont 1,8 million de femmes), grâce aux financements de BNP Paribas aux Institutions de Microfinance (IMF). Sur cette même période le Groupe a ainsi financé 84 IMF dans 33 pays sur 4 continents avec un soutien total de 900 millions d’euros. L’Afrique, qui a vu naître l’engagement de BNP Paribas en microfinance, a représenté plus de 22% du soutien financier apporté par la Banque en 30 ans; et 20% des micro-entrepreneurs indirectement accompagnés.

En savoir plus cette action et découvrir les portraits de micro-entrepreneures : https://group.bnpparibas/30ansmicrofinance

InFiNe.lu FR ENG

The Inclusive Finance Network Luxembourg Asbl (InFiNe.lu) is the national platform that brings together Luxembourg public, private and civil society sectors stakeholders involved in inclusive finance. InFiNe.lu promotes a universal access to quality, responsible and affordable financial services. Capitalising on the Grand-Duchy’s leading position in both financial and development sectors, InFiNe.lu mission is to further stimulate financial inclusion as a key for poverty alleviation and empowerment of low-income groups.

More information: www.infine.lu




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