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Microfinance Lunch Break : Replay available!

The Microfinance Lunch Break is a unique opportunity to ask your question to our guest speakers, before or during the online discussion.

Thank you to all the participants of the Lunch Break of October 15th. You can watch the discussion recorded in the replay video below.


"Microfinance plus: investing beyond traditional MFIs"

Digital Finance, Mobile money and other emerging technological innovations deeply transform the way MFIs serve and monitor their clients. Furthermore, the current Covid-19 crisis has created both opportunities and risks for the inclusive finance sector which started to develop and adopt innovative practices to deal with it. There is now room for new models beyond traditional MFIs, to meet the needs of the poorest using technologies that provide efficiency, cost and risk reduction, as well as the capacity to reach the most remote populations.

Impact investors are more and more targeting these new models of MFIs.  As they were better prepared to serve and follow up on clients in a world of social distancing, these new players seem to adapt their activities more easily to the new constraints. Futrthermore, some of these “new” actors show a less affected portfolio by the Covid-19 crisis than traditional MFIs.

LMDF, the Luxembourg impact investment fund advised by ADA, is already working with some actors who bet on innovation. Through its "Microfinance plus" approach where technology improves the product offer, LMDF finances M-Kopa, a Kenyan private company that sells solar equipment and follows up clients via tailor-made mobile payment. Last year the LMDF and ADA met also Tulaa, a Kenyan MFI that provides farmers with a mobile platform to support them in their agricultural cycle. Tulaa's innovation process improved also the credit scoring methodology based on data soil from satellites! Institutions working in agricultural value chains have a major role to maintain local food consumption. 
Within this unprecedented situation, how “Microfinance Plus” vision could be enhanced and amplified? On which topics and criteria impact investors will focus within the next months? How these new criteria of investment will help to transform the microfinance sector in Africa and Asia? What are the risks and the advantages for investees to become more digitalized? 

On October 15th, the Microfinance Lunch Break was an online discussion on these new models, actors and trends in the microfinance investment sector between Laura Foschi, Executive Director, ADA Luxembourg, and Raymond Schadeck, Chairman, LMDF Luxemburg, an impact investment fund, advised by ADA, working with some actors who bet on innovation.

This discussion, based on your questions, was moderated by Apricol Wilson, Deputy CEO and Head of Risk at LMDF. 

You made the debate! Thank you for your questions!

You were almost 250 participants connected from all the continents to take part in the discussion.

Thank you for your interest, your reactions and we hope to continue the debate with you in the near future.

To learn more about Microfinance Plus:

Speakers of the Lunch Break

Laura Foschi, Executive Director, ADA, Luxembourg

Laura Foschi is currently Executive Director at ADA, a Luxembourg non-governmental organization that promotes inclusive finance worldwide. She is also Senior Investment Manager and responsible for all investment services to Luxembourg Microfinance Development Fund (LMDF). Prior to this position, she has been Deputy Director at ADA for 3 years, and the general director of the microfinance investment vehicle Consorzio Etimos for 5 years. She has also coordinated and delivered training and technical assistance in microfinance programmes during more than 10 years in Latina America, Africa and Balkans. 

She has been member of the board of directors of FEBEA (European Federation of Eth ical and Alternative Banks). She was lecturer at the University of Parma where she taught the Economics of Microfinance and she was also board member of the Master on Finance for Development. She additionally worked as a consultant for UN agencies such as CEPAL (Comission Economica para America Latina y Caribe) as well as European commission funded programmes. 

She has written publications on social banking as well as social capital and microfinance. She speaks fluently Italian, French, English and Spanish. She is member of the Steering Committee of the Responsible Microfinance Facility and of the EIIL (European Impact Investing Luxembourg). Her main areas of interest are impact and inclusive finance, sustainable development and green economy. 

She currently provides trainings and lectures on inclusive finance at University of Luxembourg, Université de Lorraine, European Microfinance Programme (Libre Université de Bruxelles), and many other training centres in Africa, Latin America and Asia. 


Raymond Schadeck - Chairman, LMDF Luxembourg

With degrees in economics and law, Raymond spent the first 29 years of his career in one of the Big 4 firms, where he assumed, among others, responsibilities as a partner, people leader, CFO, and CEO.

In 2010 Raymond decided to change career and use his competencies, experience, and energy, for about 50% to serve as an independent director in Boards of local and international corporations and the other 50% on social initiatives both in Luxembourg and abroad.

Raymond has the strong belief that the Covid-19 crisis offers a unique opportunity to accelerate the adoption of real triple bottom line strategies (for the benefit of the Planet, People, and Profit) in the corporate world. He is currently devoting his all energy to assist companies and non-profit associations to grab the great opportunities embedded in the shift of values the world is presently experiencing.

Raymond has been happily married for more than 30 years and about his experience as a father of two kids is used to say: ‘Happiness as parents meaning that you realize that your kids have turned out to be genuinely good people’.

What participants say about the previous Microfinance Lunchbreak online


"I participated with interest in the Midi en ligne organised by ADA. I work for the Ministry of Economy, Finance and Development and I think that this kind of activity can be very useful for microfinance institutions which, in some cases, are facing the Covid crisis with a lot of difficulties.

So I think it is very important for them to know that therae are initiatives such as ADA that are engaged in the development of support strategies for the sector.

In the future, I would like to participate in Lunch Menus on advice to regulators, such as BCEAO for example, particularly in relation to the measures to be adopted in this situation to support MFIs and the financial education activities to be considered for a longer-term approach. »
Fatoumata Ouedraogo, Treasury Inspector, Ministry of Economy, Finance and Development, Burkina Faso

"Personally, I really appreciated this online lunch, especially for the way the different panellists answered the questions with precision. For the next edition, I propose that the duration be at least 1 hour and a half to devote even more time to the discussion. In the future, I would very much like to know the opinion of ADA and other experts on the steps to re-launch the activities of an MFI. "Personally, I really appreciated this Online Lunchtime, especially for the way the different panellists answered the questions accurately."
Kokouvi Dzidzogbe Sogan, Technical Referent Risk Management/Africa, Entrepreneurs du Monde, Togo

"The Midi en ligne relating to Covid-19 is a commendable initiative that has made it possible to inform the actors on the different activities carried out by ADA in the framework of the accompaniment of MFIs and others for the pursuit of their activities. The topics discussed and the answers given to the different questions asked by the actors edified all the participants and showed the professionalism of ADA in the field of microfinance and inclusive finance.

ADA, through the two speakers, clearly distinguished itself once again from the other partners, especially in terms of its mastery of the subjects and the production of consistent documentation to accompany the sector in this difficult period of pandemic."
Justin Jules Koutete, Managing Director of the MFI UCEC-MK, Chad

"Personally, I enjoyed the online lunch organized by ADA. It was a first experience for me to participate in an online lunch and I particularly appreciated the exchanges, the panelists' answers to the questions, the content of the discussions, etc. I was very pleased to be able to participate in this event. Microfinance institutions need these kinds of activities as often as possible in order to take a step back on their functioning and to acquire rehabilitation strategies. In an upcoming online lunch, I will propose that you can come back to the guidance note on business continuity for MFIs".
Fabrice Bikaya, Head of Administration, Finance and Human Resources, SMICO-SA , Democratic Republic of Congo

This online Microfinance Lunchbreak is organised with the support of the Directorate for Development Cooperation and Humanitarian Affairs, in collaboration with the Banque de Luxembourg.


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