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"Microfinance after Covid-19:
dialogue between ADA and its partners in West Africa"

Thank you all for your participation in the discussion.
You will soon find on this page the answers to the questions you asked.
We will keep you informed.

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At a time when questions are being asked about how to build and rebuild microfinance in the post-covid world, ADA has embarked on an unprecedented exercise of dialogue with its partners in Africa to discuss new needs and new projects to be developed and built together. The world is going through an unprecedented economic crisis and in this context, Africa, with its entrepreneurs, its actors of inclusive finance and its youth has more than ever demonstrated its resilience. New modes of intervention, new support can thus be imagined, other modes of financing and investment can also be put in place to respond to the short, medium and perhaps even long term.

To prepare together ADA's responses to the economic and social consequences of the pandemic, by co-developing a new inclusive finance, we have invited you all to this original exercise for an hour of discussion and listening.

An open discussion: more than 130 questions asked!
This June 24, during one hour, Laura Foschi (Executive Director of ADA) and Christian Baron (Director of Operations), met with the 500 participants online to answer their questions and concerns about the post-Covid-19 era in the microfinance sector.
All the questions asked during the event were well recorded and will be answered soon on our website.

More Midis to come
This Midi was initially address West African partners. Other Midis de la microfinance dedicated to Latin America, East Africa and South-East Asia will take place soon.

Speakers of the Midi

Laura Foschi, Executive Director, ADA Luxembourg

Laura Foschi is currently Executive Director at ADA. She is also Senior Investment Manager and responsible for all investment services to Luxembourg Microfinance Development Fund (LMDF). Prior to this position, she has been Deputy Director at ADA for 3 years, and the general director of the microfinance investment vehicle Consorzio Etimos for 5 years. She has also coordinated and delivered training and technical assistance in microfinance programmes during more than 10 years in Latina America, Africa and Balkans.

She has been member of the board of directors of FEBEA (European Federation of Eth ical and Alternative Banks). She was lecturer at the University of Parma where she taught the Economics of Microfinance and she was also board member of the Master on Finance for Development. She additionally worked as a consultant for UN agencies such as CEPAL (Comission Economica para America Latina y Caribe) as well as European commission funded programmes.

She has written publications on social banking as well as social capital and microfinance. She speaks fluently Italian, French, English and Spanish. She is member of the Steering Committee of the Responsible Microfinance Facility and of the EIIL (European Impact Investing Luxembourg). Her main areas of interest are impact and inclusive finance, sustainable development and green economy.

She currently provides trainings and lectures on inclusive finance at University of Luxembourg, Université de Lorraine, European Microfinance Programme (Libre Université de Bruxelles), and many other training centres in Africa, Latin America and Asia.

Christian Baron, Head of Operations, ADA Luxembourg

Christian Baron is a French national and holds two Masters, the first one in Development Economics from University Paris I Sorbonne and the second one in Agriculture Economics from the Conservatoire National des Arts et Métiers of Paris.
He joined ADA in June 2016 as Executive Advisor, and went onto becoming Director of Operations of ADA in January 2017. Christian has been involved in the development of rural and urban MFIs in developing countries for more than 28 years. He began his career in microfinance as an expatriate technical advisor on the implementation of a village saving and credit bank network in Mali. Thereafter, he joined CIDR Head Office, where he was responsible for the backstopping function in the Microfinance Department for more than 10 years. He then joined the GRET in 2003 as Head of the "Microfinance and SME Department”. Besides the promotion of microfinance activities in Africa, Asia and Central America, he developed several programs aiming to facilitate SME access to support, advice and training services. For the five years before joining ADA, Christian was responsible for providing backstopping services to Greenfield MFIs projects in Africa and South East Asia. He also served as a Director of several MFIs.

Paul II Singoué – Africa 24 Television

Paul II SIngoué is a journalist / presenter / special envoy and head of information at Africa 24 Television in Paris (France).

This 49th Midi de la microfinance online is organised with the support of the Directorate for Development Cooperation and Humanitarian Affairs, in collaboration with the Banque de Luxembourg.
The Midis de la microfinance are held during lunch breaks, between 12.00 and 14.00. Their agenda includes the presentation by an inclusive-finance expert of a study or a practical case, which is followed by a questions and answers session with the audience.


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