30th Midi - Ebola : What impact does the outbreak have on microfinance?

30th Midi de la microfinance

Concrete case with Crédit Rural de Guinée S.A.

The 30th edition of the Midi de la microfinance focused on the Ebola crisis, an imminent topic. Nearly 100 participants attended the presentation, which was made made by two guests from Guinea, Aboubacar Demba-Sankhon and Lamarana Sadio Diallo, who are both respectively CEO and Chairman of the Board of Crédit Rural de Guinée S.A., as well as by the representative of the Institute for Research and Application Development Methods (IRAM), Gilles Goldstein. All three testified to the impact the epidemic was having on Guineas’ largest microfinance institution.

The conference was organised on Thursday 26th February 2015, with the support of the Luxembourg Directorate for Development Cooperation and Humanitarian Affairs and the InFiNe.lu network, and in collaboration with the Banque de Luxembourg and IRAM.

Background documentation on the socio-economic consequences of the Ebola crisis is available on our website.
The presentations made by the speakers at the 30th Midi de la Microfinance can be downloaded below.

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