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From September 19 to 21, 2018 (3 days)

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Centre Mohammed VI (Hay Chabab, Rue Med Baamrani, Ain Sebaa, Casablanca, MOROCCO)


Habilitate trainers - Microfact

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Target audience

Decision-makers, Financial Directors, General Managers


Khadija El Hantali (CMS): / Maria Belén Zambrano (ADA):


BRS CMS Microfact
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19 Sep
Key Performance Indicators (KPI) for microinsurance

Microfact, a joined initiative of ADA and BRS, organises practical training workshops for microinsurance practitioners on the importance and usage of the microinsurance key performance indicators (KPIs). Since 2006 over 20 workshops have been successfully organised in different countries and continents, including Cameroon, Ghana, India, Kenya, Peru, Senegal and Vietnam.

The microinsurance key performance indicators are a set of 15 ratios that measure the financial and social performance of microinsurance products. They are the result of a two year sector wide consensus building process led by Microfact as part of its involvement in the Performance Working Group of the Microinsurance Network, in which a fair representation of microinsurance practitioners from different geographic zones, organisational types and product lines took the lead role. This sector-wide participatory approach ensures that the financial and social key performance indicators are applicable to all microinsurance providers, irrespective of legal structure, environment, delivery model and type of microinsurance product offered.


The microinsurance KPI workshop aims to:

  • Raise the awareness on the importance of performance monitoring as a tool for decision-making, daily management and business planning process;
  • Enhance the skills and capacity of management in interpreting ratios, analysing trends, positioning themselves within the sector and identifying key areas of risk to mitigate;
  • Foster experience exchanges to increase transparency and good practices; and
  • Promote tools that help microinsurance providers to improve product viability and client satisfaction.


The 3 day training course covers the following topics:

  • Microinsurance performance analysis: General overview
  • Financial statements for microinsurance
  • Analysing performance in microinsurance - The Microinsurance Key Performance Indicators:
    • What is the indicator? How to calculate it? Definition and formula
    • What does it mean? What to watch out for? Interpretation and understanding of the results
    • Seeing the bigger picture: Correlations and linkages between the indicators

The workshop is highly interactive and practical, and applies adult learning techniques. Based on a real life case study, participants construct financial statements for microinsurance, which is further used to demonstrate and discuss the microinsurance key performance indicators. The workshop concludes with a General Assembly role play, in which participants are asked to undertake a performance analysis from different stakeholders’ point of view.  

At the end of the workshop, participants will be encouraged to apply the performance analysis for their own organisations whereby workshop facilitators offer their services to provide offline feedback. 

Target audience

Decision-makers, CFOs and CEOs


An understanding of basic accounting principles and fundamental microinsurance principles, like microinsurance product characteristics or distribution, is required. Participants should therefore have at least 2 years of experience in the delivery of microinsurance products as risk taker or distribution agent. 

The ideal number of participants for each training course is between 15 and 20 from the region where the training is be held, with a maximum of 2 per organisation to encourage exchanges between participants.

It is recommended that participants pay a registration fee to contribute to the workshop expenses and avoid no-shows. 


3 days (from September 19 to 21, 2018)


Paul VandeputPaul Vandeput has over 20 years of professional experience in general insurance and banking.
He joined KBC Insurance in 1997 as head of the insurance distribution network for the Brussels-Capital Region (Belgium) and quickly joined sales and marketing support functions at the head office.
From 2000 he worked as an international consultant in the KBC Group. He was in charge of major distribution system reviews in the KBC Group's insurance companies in Central Europe and for the organisation of national sales campaigns in the KBC Group's banking and insurance networks, especially also in Central Europe.
Since 2007, he has worked for the CFO of the KBC Group as Head of the CFO Services Support Unit.
Paul holds a Masters degree from the University of Leuven and an MBA from the Vlerick Business School.

Alain Vandervelden

Alain Vandervelden has over 30 years of experience in the insurance and leasing industry.
He began his career in the insurance sector in 1993 as manager of a local agency. In 1999 he began his career at KBC Insurance as a commercial advisor and then manager of the insurance contracts department, a position he currently holds.
Since 2001 he has been involved in KBC's training programme for future insurance agents, where he gives courses on property insurance. He is also a professor at various universities and colleges in Belgium.
Alain holds a Bachelor in Accounting from the University of Antwerp.

Registration for the course

Price including:
- participation in training from September 19 to 21, 2018
- training material
- lunches and coffee breaks during training

Price including:
- participation in the 2018 training course
- training material
- BB accommodation at the IBIS Center Hotel (4 nights)
- lunches and coffee breaks during training

Contacts and form

Please complete the registration form below and send it to the following addresses:
- Khadija El Hantali (CMS, Maroc) :
- Maria Belén Zambrano (ADA, Luxembourg) :

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ADA (Appui au Développement Autonome) is a Luxembourg NGO that has been working for over 20 years to promote financial inclusion worldwide. ADA believes that access to quality, inclusive financial services can make a lasting difference in the lives of poor and low-income people. It is in this spirit that its technical and financial support to its partners in Africa, Asia and Latin America is in line.



Through microfinance and microinsurance, BRS (Belgian Raiffeisen Foundation) contributes to the sustainable improvement of the quality of life of poor populations in the countries of the South.
BRS highlights its financing services, the expertise services of its consultants as well as doors of dialogue with local consultants, based on experience in the field and expertise in banking and insurance.


The Centre inaugurated on November 7, 2007, dedicated to the Microfinance and Solidarity Economy sector; operates in three major areas, namely: Training of staff of microcredit associations "AMC" and beneficiaries of their products and services, Support for the marketing and promotion of microenterprise and the National Microfinance Observatory.
The trainings are aimed at the development of the conceptualization of microcredit practices, capacity building and the consolidation of knowledge through the programming of training for the benefit of CMA staff, credit beneficiaries of CMAs and micro-entrepreneurs.

Centre Mohammed VI


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