Interviews on Alterna's Catalyzer project supported by ADA

For ADA, supporting young entrepreneurs is one of the pillars of its activities. In April, Daniel Buchbinder, founder and director of Alterna, ADA's partner in Central America, came to Luxembourg to participate in a workshop on the next developments of the programme.   

His visit was an opportunity to conduct a series of interviews to learn more about the innovative aspects of Alterna's Catalyzer project. He discusses he results to date as well as upcoming developments such as the involvement of new actors who can further extend the scope of this project in Guatemala and in the region.  

1. Why does ADA target young entrepreneurs?

2. Could you tell us about Alterna and the Catalyzer programme?

3. Why does the Catalyzer programme target young entrepreneurs?

4. How is the Catalyzer programme innovative?

5. Why is it important for ADA to support the Catalyzer project?

6. What is the key to supporting young entrepreneurs?

7. What are your goals for the future?

8. What are the next steps in this project?