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Following its launch in October 2014 in the framework of the twentieth anniversary of ADA, Passerelles returns in 2016 with the same purpose: popularizing selected research results from the domain of inclusive finance and establishing a link with the realities on the ground.

Passerelles n°3

Passerelles 3
  • Title: Rural finance: Insights from three continents
  • Date: May 2016
  • Language: English


Also available in French and in Spanish

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Executive Summary

In recent years, an enormous growth in global agricultural markets has led to a renewed interest and innovative developments in this domain.

What are these developments? What experiences exist throughout the world? And what can we learn from them in order to support a more sustainable rural and agricultural finance?

The present issue of Passerelles tries to shed some light on these issues.

  • Massimo Pera (FAO) provides a global perspective and points out the need to adopt a value chain approach to rural and agricultural finance.
  • The following articles focus on specific experiences of rural finance in three continents: Juana Ramirez from ADA speaks about agricultural modernization in Morocco (North Africa), a group of researchers from Nitlapan and the IOB describe the coffee value chain in Nicaragua (Central America) and Marina Abboud from ADA examines the experience of the Friendship NGO in Bangladesh (Asia).
  • The importance of social ties in rural areas is underlined in all articles, and Luminita Postelnicu and Niels Hermes explain how social capital facilitates the access to finance and fosters entrepreneurship.


Read the article "Plea for a sustainable and coherent agricultural policy"  by Jean Feyder, Former Luxembourg Ambassador to the United Nations



Video: Investing in Rural Finance – Frank Hollinger & Emilio Hernandez




Luc Vandeweerd, Strategic Director, ADA

Luc Vandeweerd, Adviser to management, monitoring and evaluation, ADA


"PASSERELLES aims to bridge the gap between the world of research and analysis, on the one hand, and the field practice, on the other. It sets up a framework for debate, showcases and spreads the answers of the academic world to the big questions of development, and gives a voice to professionals in the trade. Its ultimate goal is to provide a platform for sharing knowledge and expertise.

PASSERELLES will be a biannual magazine featuring in-depth thematic studies, which will focus both on inclusive financerelated topics and on ground-breaking subjects linking the new frontiers of development to the needs of inclusive finance."

Luc Vandeweerd, Strategic Director, ADA


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