Mission, vision, values

Mission, vision, values

ADA's mission statement

Poverty reduction by providing the populations concerned, mainly micro and small entrepreneurs, with responsible financial and technical solutions adapted to their needs.

ADA's vision

ADA acts as a catalyst to generate, identify, develop and implement solutions that facilitate inclusive development.

ADA’s approach is innovative. For ADA, innovation does not necessarily mean creating, but rather adapting existing solutions to specific contexts. The results of the projects developed by ADA are intended to be sustainable. Its actions consider all stakeholders in the same sector, the same value chain, in a holistic development approach.
Activities are always defined in a way that best serves the final beneficiaries, working closely hand-in-hand with partners in the field.

ADA values


Listening is about respect. Individual and collective aspirations are understood and taken into account as far as possible. As we listen, we develop an approach based on non-interference, understanding and respect for our partners and final beneficiaries.


Respect for oneself and others is the ground rule for all relationships initiated and maintained by ADA. Respect breeds trust, a prerequisite for working efficiently and serenely.


Integrity is based on high ethical standards that guarantee the absence of malicious intent and honesty.


ADA strives for excellence in its services and expected results. Excellence can be achieved thanks to the multiple talents of the people involved in ADA’s projects and through the respect and trust the association bestows.


A pursuit for efficiency is central to ADA’s activities, which are always organised to maximise leverage effects, with a view to increasing the scope of the expected development results.

Discover a summary of our strategy by downloading the document below:

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