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Nouveaux produits de microfinance

Project objectives
To support and to help MFIs in creating and developing new microfinance products

Areas of intervention
Latin America, South-East Asia, Africa

Project manager

ADA innovating in new microfinance products

ADA works in the field at developing and testing new microfinance products and services, which aim to better meet customers’ different needs and to contribute to increasing their income. Innovation focuses on five key themes: green energy, jobs for young people, farm leasing, microinsurance and migrant savings.

ADA analyses requirements and develops new products in cooperation with its field partners – the microfinance institutions. Launching these innovative products on the market guarantees a wider access to target populations. It also represents an opportunity for the microfinance institutions adopting them to offer a wider range of products and services. Diversification provides them with new sources of income and contributes to strengthening their financial viability.

Some customer groups such as young entrepreneurs or migrants have specific financial requirements. It is therefore essential to be able to offer them the suitable products and services.

ADA constantly aims to pass on its expertise and methodology to its partners so that, in the long term, they may innovate independently. Innovating in inclusive finance enables ADA to take action, in line with the needs of those who are excluded from the traditional financial system.

Green energy

Green energy

ADA currently focuses on innovations around five key themes

Green energy

Equipment producing green energy belongs to a sustainable development policy. Facilitating access to clean energies through inclusive finance contributes to developing beneficiary micro-enterprises while protecting the environment and improving public health.

The project supports the granting of microloans for the purchase of equipment that produces green energies or that saves energy such as solar water heating, solar crop driers and low-energy wood ovens.



Jobs for young people

Since 2007, the number of young persons who are unemployed has been increasing steadily worldwide. The young often have trouble in finding their first job or getting start-up funding for their own companies – they lack experience and guarantees. Nevertheless, young people are the future of our society.

The Young Entrepreneurs project focuses on the vocational integration of young craftspeople via microloans dedicated to start-ups. It includes personalised support and professional training for young entrepreneurs.

Find out more about Yacouba, a young tailor funded through a microloan.


Insurance products are precious tools protecting us from life's many challenges. ADA and its partners have developed a microinsurance product for micro-entrepreneurs. If they die, their families are relieved of the burden of the microloan that was subscribed to.

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