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Objective of the project
To develop microinsurance products and services

Areas of intervention
West Africa, Central America and South-West Asia

Project manager

BRS, Min, GIZ, CIF, REDCAMIF, Democrance, IFAD


Microfinance provides undeniable benefits but addressing vulnerable populations, the risk of incident and solidarity bonds easily impact the balance of income and assets of the borrowers, and thereby undermine their commitments to the institution.

In South-West Asia

ADA and its partner Democrance teamed up on a new project to promote access to insurance products for migrant workers, through an innovative technology solution linked to remittances.

This project, aimed at migrant workers from rural areas of India and the Philippines based in the United Arab Emirates, is intended to protect the income and activities of family members back home.
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In West Africa

ADA has worked to promote microinsurance contributing with his partner RCPB in Burkina Faso to the creation of an insurance company in West Africa - Burkina Faso ICF Life - the first offering products of insurance to excluded populations through its branch network (life insurance borrower, supplementary pension insurance, tuition insurance) and in which ADA is a reference shareholder.
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In Central America

ADA is also a shareholder in SERINSA, a brokerage firm that allows MFIs in three Central American countries to give their clients access to insurance products. ADA has also played a pioneering role in defining and promoting key indicators - now recognized global standards - for MFIs offering microinsurance products.
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ADA intends to continue its actions in this field thanks to its expertise developed in West and Central America through its actions with REDCAMIF.

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