Project objectives
To establish a microleasing mechanism to enable farmers to purchase productive equipment (pumps, tillers, tractors ...) to improve performance

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Some key figures:

17 tractors, 2 motor pumps and 1 tiller disbursed in pilot phase
A leasing portfolio to over € 300,000

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Microleasing to equip farmers

ADA and its partners aim to facilitate African farmers' access to equipment by implementing microleasing.

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A useful project

African producers encounter difficulties in accessing finance to invest in their farms. These problems are caused by the lack of guarantees in a credit application, and by the specific risks that are inherent in the agricultural sector, and which financial institutions are wary of.
Yet, modernising farms through the acquisition of production equipment is essential to farmers wishing to increase their incomes and to contribute to their country´s food security.
As they have no guarantees to access credit for conventional equipment, the objective of this ADA project is to provide farmers in Burkina Faso with microleasing services enabling them to employ high-added-value materials.

Implementation of microleasing

After a conclusive feasibility study carried out in 2012, ADA and RCPB decided to test the product through 12 of the network’s credit unions, by introducing four facilities for farmers: tractors, pumps, tillers and versatile engines.
To this end, a central competence centre was set up, which consists of an agronomist and a mechanic providing the network with its technical know-how.
In addition to the way in which financial leasing is configured, understanding the agricultural sector´s make-up, its good practices regarding the use of agricultural machinery, as well as following maintenance and repairs closely remain fundamental to the project’s success.
Suppliers of agricultural machinery have also been involved in the mechanism, by supporting their customers’ capacity building during a training session provided when the equipment is delivered, and by guaranteeing a high-quality after-sales service.
Today, 17 tractors are in use by producers who have joined the microleasing project since 2014. Smaller farmers have also benefitted from the machines via rental services. The loan portfolio has grown to € 300,000.

A project built to grow!

In the case of success, the replication of the RCPB project by other funds in the network is planned.
Furthermore, ADA wishes to share its expertise in microleasing with other potential partners. ADA is currently identifying new potential partnerships in this field in East Africa.
Finally, as part of its programme aiming at the development of rural inclusive financial services, and specifically in the field of microleasing, ADA is working together with the REDCAMIF network in Central America, where it is accompanying three MFIs in three different countries (Panama, Honduras and Nicaragua).


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