Objective of the project
Strengthen the capacities of SMEs in countries of the South

Areas of intervention
Peru, South Africa, Western Africa and Central America

Project manager

Some key figures
6 initiatives launched in 2018


ADA and CTIC together for startups


ADA and CTIC have entered into a partnership agreement to support startups specialised in E-health, E-tourism and Fintech.

July 2018

ADA and CTIC have signed a six-month partnership agreement (July / December 2018), which aims to support selected startups with projects in the areas of E-Health, E-tourism and Fintech while allowing them to test and to validate their business model.

Ultimately, the program aims to allow the marketing of services and / or products for the development of the health sector, tourism and digital finance.

STARTUPS AND PROJECT HOLDERS with at least one prototype in the 3 aforementioned fields: the call for projects to integrate this program will be published very soon.

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About CTIC

CTIC Dakar, is an incubator of ICT companies that offers support on various aspects to ICT entrepreneurs whose projects are innovative and have high added value. In this sense, this support aims to improve the quality as well as the technical and financial viability of the projects, in order to reinforce the capacities of the entrepreneurs, to favour their growth and to participate in the reduction of the national unemployment rate.

Digital Finance Initiative

Digital Finance Initiative

Pour beaucoup d’IMF, prendre ce tournant numérique implique de repenser leur business model. Le projet « Digital Finance Initiative » a été conçu pour les accompagner dans cette démarche.

ADA launches new small business support programme in 2018

Cacao Pérou

ADA launched the new program "Support to Micro and Small Enterprises" in the first quarter of 2018.

As part of this new program, ADA has initiated two projects that include both financial and non-financial services with two MFIs in Peru and South Africa respectively. In the first case ADA supports the Prisma Credit and Savings Cooperative (COOPAC Prisma) and the NGO Prisma to strengthen the capacity of cocoa farmers in the San Martin region of Peru. In the second case, ADA supports the Small Enterprise Foundation (SEF) MFI in a women entrepreneur’s empowerment program in the Limpopo region of South Africa.

At the same time, ADA undertook a prospecting mission to Senegal to identify innovative small business strengthening initiatives offered by supporting institutions such as incubators, investment funds, market catalysts and others. As such, 4 new partnerships were established in June and July 2018.

ADA will continue to carry out prospecting missions in other countries of Western Africa and Central America in 2018.


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