ATLAS: the new financial and social data platform for MFIs

The "ATLAS" online platform collects data on the social and financial performance of financial service providers, as well as their customer protection and pricing practices.



The "ATLAS" online platform aims to centralize a maximum of data relating to the practices and performance of financial service providers, both financial and social.  

It therefore aims first to promote transparency in the inclusive finance sector, enhance the value of the most committed actors in the sector, guide social investors in their decision-making, and encourage other actors to improve their practices.

Website of the platform:


Where do the data come from?

The data already present on the platform come from the Mix Market historical database, the social and financial ratings carried out by Microfinanza Rating, the SPI4 audit database of Cerise, and Microfinance Transparency.

In the future, any microfinance institution that wants to be transparent and visible to the actors of the inclusive finance sector, including investors or funders, can share its data quickly and easily on the platform thanks to various existing tools that are compatible with the platform, such as Microfinanza Rating's audits, Cerise's SPI4 tool, Microfact's MFI Factsheet, or the Smart Campaign's Client Protection Principles assessment tool. Institutions that do not use these tools can also share their data by completing a platform-specific form.

To date, ATLAS concentrates data from nearly 600 financial service providers from 70 countries. It is intended to be regularly fed with new data from new audits or reported by the service providers themselves or their partners.

Who can access these data?

The ATLAS platform data are accessible only to its subscribers, including investors, regulators, international funders, networks and organisations that support the sector. These subscribers have the possibility to consult the social and financial information of financial service providers, and thanks to functionalities specially developed for the platform, to analyse and compare them with those of other providers according to various criteria (country, region, size, legal status, etc.), for information, decision-making or research purposes.

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The project was developed and managed by Microfinanza Rating (MFR). It is financed by ADA and the Luxembourg Cooperation, the Swedish Cooperation, the Agence Français de Dévelopment (AFD), PROPARCO, the Liechtenstein Development Service and CDC.