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July 2018

"Banco ADOPEM" MFI supported by ADA ranked among the best sustainable initiatives in Latin America!

Within the framework of the ADA-REDCAMIF project set up between 2012 and 2017, ADA supported the Dominican Republic MFI "Banco ADOPEM" for the development of inclusive rural and environmental financial products and services.
As such, ADOPEM has implemented a range of products called "FRA - Finanzas Rurales y Ambiente (Rural Finance and Environment)", declined in 3 products intended for small producers and agricultural enterprises, as well as women entrepreneurs living in rural areas.

With this initiative, ADOPEM ranks 234th among the TOP 500 of the best sustainable initiatives within the framework of the "Premios Latinoamérica Verde 2018" Prize supported by the UNPD (United Nations Development Programmes), out of a total of 2,733 applications received.

Premios Latinoaméricos Verde

ADOPEM's "FRA - Finanzas Rurales y Ambiente" programme was selected among the top 10 in the "Sustainable Finance" category.

For more information on ADOPEM's "FRA - Finanzas Rurales y Ambiente" products:


February 2018

REDCAMIF launches a partnership with the magazine 'Microempresas & Finanzas'

Iván Gutiérrez Aguirre, Executive Director of REDCAMIF

"The Microfinance Network of Central America and the Caribbean (REDCAMIF), a representative body of microfinance institutions in the region, had long been interested in creating and sharing a way to disseminate information on a large scale, in a entertaining, attractive and up-to-date way, to communicate periodically about the relevant facts of MFIs, their impact on the region-wide economy, and the support provided to Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises, a key sector for the economies of our countries.

Following this reflection, REDCAMIF has partnered with the magazine Micro Empresas & Finanzas, whose special edition dedicated to microfinance presents the perspectives, achievements, objectives, statistics and success stories of 14 MFIs belonging to REDCAMIF's national networks.

This special edition is available online on It will also be distributed in 3,000 copies in the 7 countries of the region in February.

We thank the affiliated MFIs and ADA for their support in publishing this first edition."

May 2017

Systematization workshop of the pilots of Rural Finance and Housing

The objective of this workshop, which took place from 24 to 28 April 2017 in Panama, is to systematize the experience gained during the implementation of the Rural Finance and Housing pilots. This event is part of the knowledge management strategy of the partnership between ADA and REDCAMIF.

Many inclusive finance’s actors were involved: 25 microfinance institutions that were part of rural finance and housing pilots, 7 MFIs from the second pilot phase in 2017, the 7 directors of REDCAMIF national networks, as well as the 7 National Coordinators of Inclusive Financial Services, SICSA, REDCAMIF and ADA.


IMG 1639
serinsa 03

March 2017

ADA invests in microinsurance

For the first time since 2011, ADA entered the capital of a microinsurance company. With this investment, ADA wishes to directly influence the development of financial inclusion in Central America.

We are glad to announce that in December 2016 ADA invested USD 100.000 in Servicios Financieros inclusivos S.A, (SERINSA S.A.) and subsequently joined their Board of Directors. The purpose of this investment is to facilitate access to quality microinsurance products for hundreds of micro-entrepreneurs and is part of a wider partnership between ADA and REDCAMIF (the Microfinance Network of Central America and the Caribbean) that dates back to 2007. Through this partnership, ADA has supported different projects, including the microinsurance project co-financed by the IADB (Inter-American Development Bank). ADA will support SERINSA in the mid-term and will seek to disengage after a period of 5 years. This investment is part of ADA’s ongoing commitment to improve the inclusive finance sector around the globe and in this case, specifically in Central America.

SERINSA was the result of REDCAMIF's microinsurance initiative that spun off to be converted into a knowledge management and service provider company. Currently, it focuses its activities on the promotion and development of microinsurance through the national networks affiliated to REDCAMIF. SERINSA was created in 2016 and REDCAMIF is its main shareholder.

This investment as well as all support provided to REDCAMIF and SERINSA by ADA have been made possible thanks to the constant support of the Directorate for Development Cooperation and Humanitarian Affairs of Luxembourg.


August 2016

The success of the MFI ECLOF with its new housing loan

The MFI ECLOF from Dominican Republic is one of the participant MFIs in the pilot project of new products development led by ADA-REDCAMIF.

ECLOF adapted and implemented its new housing loan with experts from ADA-REDCAMIF in November 2015. Less than a year later, they already got results that exceed the goals set by the pilot. A success achieved thanks to a product focused on the needs of the local population, the extensive work of the team involved and an effective communication strategy.

ECLOF called its new credit "MejoraFácil". It is granted for the repair or improvement of housing and ranges from minor repairs to major improvements. Moreover, MejoraFácil comes with a service of technical assistance in construction. To provide this service, dedicated teams were set up in every national network, or directly in the MFI that provides housing credit, to advise customers in the technical aspects of their project (selection of materials, suppliers, property rights, etc.) and to ensure that the work is carried out following high international standards. This technical support in construction is an innovation that guarantees the success of this new credit.

August 2016

Micro-leasing launched in Honduras by an MFI partner of ADA and LMDF

In the frame of the project of development of inclusive financial services, REDCAMIF and ADA developed a micro-leasing product for farmers who need to acquire specialised equipment in order to increase the production of their farms.

The IMF Pilarh in Honduras began offering micro-leasing products a few months ago and already got outstanding results. At ADA, we know this MFI very well since we accompanied them in 2011 to obtain financing from the LMDF fund. Today, the LMDF remains a funder of this Pilarh.

So far, two institutions in the region have launched this new product designed specifically for local farmers. The project's success will certainly motivate other MFIs to also begin to diversify their credits offer and start selling products that better meet the needs of micro-entrepreneurs.  

July 2016

Exchange experiences in the field, a key step to remain competitive

The ADA-REDCAMIF pilot project of development of new products began during the second half of 2015. 25 MFIs in Central America and the Dominican Republic are participating in the project with the goal of developing innovative products for their clients. Among these products, we can find rural finance and environment as well as products of social housing and basic services.

After a year of implementation, the general managers of MFIs participating in the pilot and coordinators of national networks that are part of REDCAMIF will meet with REDCAMIF and ADA to share their experiences, challenges and successes along the project to enrich the final stage of the pilots.

This meeting will be held in the framework of the VIII Central American and Caribbean Microfinance Conference whose theme this year is "Technology: Competitiveness and financial inclusion". The competitiveness of MFIs is certainly a current topic as these operate in increasingly complex environments requiring high adaptability. It is with this objective that MFIs taking part in the ADA-REDCAMIF project will get together. There is no doubt that the exchange of knowledge allows to identify and develop better products, more nimbly and at lower cost and improve MFIs’ offer and competitiveness.

The VIII Central American and Caribbean Microfinance Conference will take place from 3 to 5 August 2016 in Managua, Nicaragua, and is organized by the national network of Nicaragua, Asomif, with the support of REDCAMIF, our key partner in Central America and the Caribbean. You can still register to the conference!


OPTIMA (El Salvador) - Prêt logement 2

We develop financial products and services to provide access to housing for the poorest.

February 2016

First housing loans paid out in Latin America

ADA's "Expansion of inclusive finance in Central America and the Caribbean" project, which started in 2012, is bearing fruit! The pilot project is a joint endeavour with REDCAMIF and has been rolled out in 14 microfinance institutions (MFIs) active in 7 Latin American countries.

REDCAMIF, a regional network backed by the Inter-American Development Bank, consists of 7 microfinance networks bringing together a total of 133 MFIs. 14 of its member institutions were chosen to develop housing financial products, a segment which addresses people's primal need for housing and was identified in a preliminary diagnosis of the requirements of clients in the region.

The aim of the project is threefold:

  • building local capacity through the creation of units specialising in product development in the national microfinance networks of these 7 countries;
  • supporting MFIs in the expansion of their housing product range with technical assistance for construction (TAC) in order to mitigate risk for clients and MFIs alike; and
  • facilitating access to adequate housing by underprivileged people.

This is a step-by-step project based on the development of a range of products spanning various levels of complexity for financing, as well as technical assistance for construction. The latter includes 6 financial products:

  • loans for the complete or gradual renovation of housing;
  • loans for purchasing or legalising land;
  • loans for the gradual or complete construction of housing;
  • loans for purchasing new or second-hand housing and related fees;
  • loans for setting up basic utilities (electricity, drinking water, etc.); and
  • home savings plans.

This pilot project aims to improve the housing conditions of 1,400 rural clients via 14 microfinance institutions. 4 of these 14 partners, World Relief in Honduras, Banco Delta in Panama, ECLOF in the Dominican Republic and MUDE in Guatemala, have already disbursed the first housing loans. A total of more than 140 loans have been granted for a total portfolio size of 2.5 million dollars.

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