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Are you curious to know more about microfinance ? Are you already a practitioner in the field ? Do not miss our videos, made by experts, taped by ADA and played for all.

Video webinar 2 : Enhancing the Financial Health of Micro-entrepreneurs

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Financial support from the JP Morgan Chase Foundation has enabled the European Microfinance Network (EMN) and ADA to conduct a joint research project to help improve the financial health of micro-entrepreneurs. The objective of the research was to : (1) understand the financial health problems faced by micro-entrepreneurs, particularly those supported by organisations providing either technical assistance/business development services, known as non-financial service providers (NSPs), or (micro)finance services, known as financial service providers (FSPs), and (2) develop an operational guide for staff of NSPs and FSPNs to assess the financial health of micro-entrepreneurs and help them deal with financial problems that affect both the financial performance of their business and their personal well-being.


Video webinar 1 : Impact investing and Impact measurement

Apricot Wilson from the Luxembourg Microfinance and Development Fund tells us about impact investment, the difference between impact investment, SRI and ESG. She then considers how impact can be measured, using examples from using the example of the Luxembourg Microfinance and Development Fund and the Forestry and Climate Change Fund.