Essential skills - ADA 3T

ADA 3T is a programme which provides tools, training and technical assistance aimed at microfinance institutions and professional associations with a view to enabling them to increase their skills and to broaden their range of services and products.

The objective of the range of ADA3T services is to consolidate MFIs through the transfer of expertise and professional skills.

ADA uses its tools, training and technical assistance to support you in the development of your skills in four key areas:

ADA3T Tools

Our range of tools    

ADA and its range of partners have developed management tools which you can download and use free of charge. If you would like to integrate these tools within your day-to-day management practices, you can take part in a training course to learn how to use them. Take a look through the various areas in order to discover these practical tools which can provide real support for your activities!

ADA3T Trainings

Our range of vocational training courses

ADA provides vocational training courses which are grouped together in four key areas.

Some one hundred training courses of a duration of one to five days are delivered each year by ADA staff or trainers who have been trained and certified by ADA in Africa, South East Asia, Latin America and the MENA region.

The training is for directors, managers, technicians and field agents of MFIs and professional associations.

ADA also organises training courses for trainers to facilitate the transfer of expertise and to help create local teams.

Take a look at our entire range of training courses in our training catalogue.

ADA3T Technical assistance

Our technical assistance is tailored to meet your needs

ADA provides its know-how and skills in order to boost MFIs capacities in relation to organisational, institutional and financial matters.

We offer various forms of intervention, including tools, techniques and/or methods to respond to the needs of the institutions:

  • specific support, often of short duration (one to 12 months) in order to address a specific need identified by the institution;
  • short or medium duration (one to three years) support in the form of personalised coaching for selected institutions which have previously taken part in a training course on the specifically defined subject;
  • short or medium duration support for an institution throughout the entire product development cycle.

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