Funding for MFIs

Funding ensures that an MFI is able to maintain both stability and continuity in its provision of services, whilst at the same time enabling it to invest in new projects. ADA provides institutions with advice and support in their search for funding. Financial support is therefore of vital importance! Is your MFI ready to take this step? 

It is necessary to adhere to a specific process in order to obtain funding

The process for obtaining funding is comprised of five specific stages. Once you have filled out a short questionnaire which, amongst other things, asks about the size of your MFI’s balance sheet, the net income and the PAR 30 + restructured, initial contact will be established between you and our teams. All of the figures and criteria indicated in the questionnaire will be verified.

The data is then analysed and our investment experts perform due diligence, which is designed to check that all of the criteria which have to be met in order to obtain the funding have been fulfilled.

The finalised application is then validated by an investment committee in Luxembourg before a contract is drawn up and the funding disbursed.

The amount of time required to obtain funding from the date of the initial application varies from 3 to 6 months, according to the facilities for access to information and the fulfilment of the eligibility criteria.

A questionnaire designed to help us to get to know your MFI better

In order to help and support you in your efforts to obtain funding, we need to know your MFI well. Fill out the questionnaire on line as accurately as possible, since this is the first fundamental stage of the procedure to be followed in order to obtain funding. We will then contact you in order to review the initial information provided.


Meeting African MFIs

April 2018

Victor Muller, investment officer at ADA, will be in West Africa and will meet microfinance institutions.

The planning of the visits:

  • 18 – 20 april: Niamey
  • 21 – 26 april: Cotonou
  • 27 april – 11 may: Ouagadougou

MFI managers, do not hesitate to contact him to discuss about future loans:

For East Africa, ADA is now in Nairobi through our Investment Manager, Olivia Fechner. You can contact her on +254 756 208 360 or .

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