Training courses developed by CGAP and ADA

10 modules developed by CGAP and ADA, a network of 146 trainers in 13 countries of French-speaking Sub-Saharan Africa.

The training courses developed by CGAP and ADA within the Programme de Renforcement des Capacités des Institutions de Microfinance en Afrique Francophone (CAPAF) are no longer offered by ADA. The partnership ended in June 2018. 

Trainers offer the training as independent consultants and can be contacted by organizations. 

The themes of the modules were as follows: 

  • Financial education 
  • Agricultural finance 
  • Governance of the company 
  • New product development 
  • Risk Management 
  • Integrated management information system 
  • Development plan 
  • Financial analysis 
  • Unpaid debts 
  • Accounting

A look back on 5 years of ADA-CGAP partnership in Africa

Mandat CGAP

June 28, 2018

ADA organized from June 18 to 20, 2018 in Saly Hotel in Senegal, the closing workshop of the management of the license that the CGAP (Consultative Group to Assist the Poor) entrusted to him three years before. ADA was to manage this license jointly with the African Microfinance Network (AFMIN), but the latter having ceased its activities along the way, ADA managed the mandate alone, thus leading it to proceed alone to the closure of the said mandate with the stakeholders that are the partner organizations, resource persons and trainers.

Indeed, CGAP, a consortium of 33 bilateral and multilateral partners created in 1995, is an independent resource centre that develops innovative solutions for financial inclusion through practical research and active engagement with financial service providers, policy makers and donors.

As part of an experimental operation launched by CGAP in April 1997 and called "Pilot Initiative for Microfinance Capacity Building in Africa", CGAP gradually developed 9 courses, in English and then translated into French, for different categories of MFI staff. 

Starting in January 2000, CGAP launched the CAPAF (Renforcement des Capacités en Afrique Francophone) programme targeting 19 French-speaking African countries in order to build the capacity of local training service providers.

The mission of the CAPAF programme was to promote a market approach for the provision of sustainable training and technical support services for the microfinance sector in Francophone Africa. Based on CGAP courses, the thematic training courses offered aim to facilitate MFIs' access to practical and directly applicable courses in the local context at a lower cost and to offer the possibility to partner service providers to make their activities profitable in the long term by acquiring recognised know-how.

Initially based in Dakar, Senegal, this program was co-funded by CGAP, MAE/France and USAID and went through two successive phases from January 2000 to January 2009. At its closure, its activities continued under direct management by the CGAP regional representative for West and Central Africa and thanks to funding from the Agence Française de Développement (AFD). AFD's financing was closed on 31 December 2013 and will mark the end of CGAP's direct commitment to support the deployment of these courses in French-speaking Africa.

The management of the programme was subsequently entrusted to the ADA-AFMIN consortium[1]. ADA's mandate is scheduled to end in June 2018.

[1] The warrant will in fact be executed by ADA

The purpose of the five-year term (2013-2018) is twofold:

  • maintain a viable and credible training offer on the courses developed by CGAP in the French-speaking African countries on the basis of maintaining the quality of the training services, the trainers and the updating of the courses;
  • accompany the institutionalisation of the trainers' network.

For the implementation of capacity building activities in French-speaking African countries, CGAP, like CAPAF and ADA, do not intervene directly in the training of MFIs but work in close collaboration with a network of partners, which has been built up over time.

This explains the fact that ADA offered a window to REFORM-AFRIQUE for its General Assembly during the workshop.

During his term and in addition to updating the courses, ADA has had the following performances:

  • Management of 10 training modules,
  • 146 certified and qualified trainers,
  • 14 resource persons,
  • 17 institutional partners,
  • 47 training courses - in 13 countries.
Mandat CGAP Mandat CGAP Mandat CGAP

Taking into account the indications on the evolution of the inclusive finance sector and in accordance with the orientations of its Operational Development Plan (DPO), ADA did not wish to renew the management of CGAP's mandate, but intends to work with the resources or organizations able to contribute to the achievement of the objectives of its PDO.

During its mandate and in order to prepare its withdrawal in direct support to these capacity building activities, ADA accompanied the establishment of an association of trainers and resource persons. This association called "REFORM-AFRIQUE" has its headquarters in Abidjan.

REFORM-AFRIQUE, is a non-profit association, created in October 2015 in Luxembourg. Its general objective is to guarantee the quality of services offered to actors and SFD and professionalize the microfinance sector in Francophone Africa. The network is made up of more than twenty members, spread over 16 French-speaking African countries

The legal consequence of the end of the mandate is the use by institutions and resource persons of the names and logos of ADA and CGAP. Only those who have a service contract or collaboration agreement with ADA or CGAP will be authorised to use the Names and Logos of ADA and CGAP.

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