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The Agricultural Finance Training Workshop


There is increasing evidence that confirms the expansion of agricultural markets at a global level, particularly in developing countries. Many stakeholders, including rural households and smallholder families, require a variety of financial services to help them seize business opportunities in these markets. This overall trend makes the agriculture sector increasingly attractive to financial institutions.


  • Sharpen the awareness of the fundamental issues of financing agriculture
  • Define the concept, context and approach of agricultural value chain finance.
  • Provide principles, methodologies, tools and other resources to help participants from financial institutions design and deliver agricultural financial products in an innovative, profitable and sustainable manner.
  • Illustrate the key issues in the development of agricultural financial products that may involve both the public and private sectors and examine recent models of collaboration between these two sectors.
  • Be eligible to apply for a year-long coaching programme


The training provides an understanding of the opportunities, gaps and challenges of agricultural finance, as well as an introduction to key market assessment and product design principles and tools that can help financial institutions to:

  • Estimate the demand for products specifically related to agricultural finance;
  • Identify and operationalize good practices in the design and delivery of financial products that focus on the needs of the customer;
  • Identify the various strategies for managing the risks and the distribution of these products.

The training is enriched by group work and the analysis of case studies which document the experience of financial institutions that have successfully increased their loan portfolio in agriculture, in an innovative, risk-mitigated and profitable manner. The selected case studies take into account the diversity of the institutional portfolio and the capacity of institutions to maintain it over time in the context of developing countries. Potential areas of collaboration between the public and private sectors to launch agricultural finance products are also discussed.


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