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SIMFI - Strategy, Performance and Risk Management in Microfinance

A web-based interactive simulation tool that provides an evolving environment and market conditions for users to learn how to manage an MFI following good management practices. SIMFI, developed by the Stachanov IT company with ADA and ATTF's conceptual and financial support, brings back the MFI Factsheet log concept for decision-making.


  • Promoting a strategic approach to MFI management. The training scenarios require participants to make decisions in line with a given strategy. The results must prove or disprove the soundness of the decisions in the context of the strategy
  • Providing an overview of how an MFI works
  • Focusing on more specific aspects: risk management and/or performance indicators
  • Fostering exchanges among the participants


  • Overview
    • Learning objectives
    • Introduction to SIMFI
  • Strategy
  • Performance indicators
    • Introduction to financial statements
    • Concepts of transparency and the analysis of the performance of a quality portfolio
    • Efficacy and productivity
    • Financial management
    • Profitability and sustainability
  • Risk management
    • Governance and the internal control environment
    • Function of the risk manager


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