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3 days

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Africa, Asia, Latin America


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Target audience

MFIs, microfinance networks, development professionals



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Product innovation and diversification


This course will introduce participants to the concepts of innovation and the different methodologies in diversifying products and services. The insights and practical tools presented during the course can be used to create sustainable solutions for introducing new effective financial products and services. The case studies illustrated throughout the course will focus on specific topics such as youth loans, leasing and green energy financial products.


  • Identification
  • Conception & design
  • Experimentation & pilots
  • Improvements & scaling up


  • Introduce new concepts and processes for innovation
  • Enable participants to identify patterns and opportunities in product and service development
  • Equip participants with methodologies to design and introduce new products and services in their financial institutions
  • Demonstrate through a variety of case studies best practices and lessons learnt when implementing new financial products and services
  • Provide participants with a set of tools to facilitate post course product development implementation


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