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10 al 13 de marzo de 2020

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Karen Hazan (AZIMUT)

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10 mar
Workshop on Key Performance Indicators

March 10-13, 2020
Organized by MOCCU (Association of Credit Union of Mongolia)

These highly interactive workshops are intended for MFIs with different profiles (status, age, size, operational field,...), active in the same region or country, and whose managers wish to become familiar with the calculation and interpretation of financial ratios. The workshops allow them to obtain an on-site analysis of key performance indicators and to go home with practical and immediately usable tools. It should be noted that the actual financial data of the participating MFIs is used in this training.

The workshop lasts 3 days and includes the following objectives:

  • The analysis of performance in microfinance. Key performance indicators in the following areas: portfolio quality, efficiency and productivity, financial management, profitability and social performance ;
  • Improving the ability to interpret ratios, analyze financial trends, position oneself in the sector (benchmarks) and identify the main risks to be mitigated;
  • The exchange of knowledge and experience between participating MFIs.

The workshop lasts 3 days and covers the following topics:
1. What is performance? What is transparency? What is benchmarking?
2. Definition, interpretation, analysis and graphical illustration of 16 key financial performance indicators, relating to the following areas :
  - Portfolio quality
  - Efficiency and productivity
  - Financial Management
  - Profitability and sustainability
3. Analytical adjustment of financial data
4. Financial performance monitoring tools
  - BRS/ADA Factsheet: a user-friendly GIS tool for calculating ratios and producing graphs
  - External performance assessments (ratings): what, why and how ?

Training methodology
Teaching methodology used: interactive, participatory and practical.
The workshop is based on a specific didactic approach that encourages :

  • interactivity: the results obtained for each performance indicator are represented in graphical form, based on financial data provided by the MFIs. The graphs show the performance of each MFI in relation to the current situation and the evolution of the trend over the last three years.
    Participation and exchange: participants are invited to interpret and comment on the graphs according to their specific operational context and organisational structure, and to exchange/share their experiences and practices.
    Practical use of the knowledge acquired: the training also includes exercises and practical analysis of trends. A final case study provides an opportunity to go back over all the concepts presented during the workshop.

Target audience
Participants are members of the general management of their institution: Chief Executive Officer, Chief Financial Officer or Director of the microfinance department. Accounting principles and financial statements are not part of the training program. A maximum of 20 MFIs (and a minimum of 10) can participate in the workshop. The workshop is mainly intended for growing MFIs that have little or no knowledge of financial performance indicators and wish to become viable and competitive institutions.
Interested MFIs must provide simplified financial statements and institutional information for the previous 4 years, based on the MFI Factsheet. The figures provided are used by the trainer to produce graphs illustrating the various ratios. These graphs form the basis of the discussions. The data collected are only used in the workshop and remain confidential.

The workshop is organized jointly by a local PARTNER and Microfact. Regarding the coordination of the workshop, the division of labour between Microfact (BRS/ADA), the Microfact trainer and the PARTNER is as follows:

  • Microfact provides the content
  • Trainer empowers Microfact moderates the workshop
  • The PARTNER is responsible for promoting the workshop to potentially concerned institutions in the country or region. It is also responsible for all aspects related to the organization before, during and after the workshop.
  • A list of tasks to be carried out is sent to the PARTNER.

Karen Hazan (AZIMUT). Translation in Mongolian language will be provided.

If you are interested in participating, please contact Nausica Fiorelli (ADA):


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