The Inclusive Innovation Village

From 25th to 27th May
At the European Convention Center (hemicycle)
1 Rue du Fort Thüngen, 1499 Luxembourg (Kirchberg)
Every day, between 9.00 and 18.00


The Inclusive Innovation Village is Luxembourg's meeting place for the general public with start-ups and often very ingenious inventions designed to improve daily life.

Key figures


Innovation in the countries of the South for all, by all, with all!

Climate change, poverty, food, the environment, youth employment, women's emancipation...

What if innovation could solve some of the world's problems? What if innovations imagined in the countries of the South brought new solutions to our new problems?

What if these initiatives became a source of inspiration for Europe in general, and Luxembourg in particular?

On the occasion of its 25th anniversary, ADA is organising the first international exhibition dedicated to solutions to make the world more inclusive. For almost 25 years, we have been innovating to enable the most disadvantaged to develop their business, we have been providing concrete solutions to develop inclusive finance. For three days, we want to showcase innovators who are also working towards greater inclusion.

1 Village, 5 neighbourhoods, 25 innovators

The fight against poverty, the recognition of the role of women in society, food security and climate change are all challenges to which inclusive finance can provide some of the answers. Perhaps for the first time in history, the financial sector, and more generally private actors, will have the opportunity to play a key role in addressing these major current challenges.

Increasingly, these actors have undertaken clear objectives in this direction, not only seeking a financial return on their activities, but also a social impact on their investments.

In this context, many start-ups are emerging to propose immediate and inclusive solutions with the idea of offering everyone additional leverage to enjoy fundamental rights such as education, food and health.

Inclusive Finance for Development

1. Inclusive Finance for Development

Luxembourg is one of the leading international promoters of inclusive finance and impact investing. But in concrete terms, how can this play a significant role in promoting sustainable economic, social and human development? 7 innovators will be there to propose solutions on this theme:

  • ABC Fund - Bamboo
  • Incub@uo
  • KLADJEN (incubator)
  • PNUD
  • SIGMMA (incubator)

Digital for Development

2. Digital for Development

Digital is often associated with financial inclusion for three reasons: it enhances operational efficiency, improves access to/customers and enables new services to be offered. Many players therefore have a key role to play in boosting the sector.


Research for Development

3. Research for Development

Mastering strategic themes for development, identifying, developing and experimenting projects, sharing knowledge and good practices... Research is fundamental to serve development, which is why ADA has made sure to invite actors who are particularly active in this field for its Village.

Climate Protection for Development_Energy.

4. Climate Protection for Development

This is surely one of the major challenges of the Millennium. It is now urgent to change the way we live, consume, travel and heat. We must be able to create and imagine different and more sustainable solutions. Many entrepreneurs are already doing so. In this neighbourhood, villagers will be able to meet and discover how the actors working in this field are creating a model that is more respectful of our planet. A model where it is necessary to provide farms, rural households and other actors in the agri-food sector with financial products and services adapted to their needs in order to meet the food needs of an ever-growing world population and to fight poverty in rural areas.

Women Empowerment for Development

5. Women Empowerment for Development

Young people are the future of a country. Creating the conditions for them to become professional and to exploit their potential by using all the tools that new technologies offer us can change the lives of many individuals, but above all the face of a State. This area will provide an opportunity to meet organisations created by and for women, as well as incubators for start-ups that put innovation at the centre of their activities in order to create decent jobs, especially for young people.


Location of the Village

Hemicycle of the European Convention Center
1 Rue du Fort Thüngen
1499 Luxembourg (Kirchberg)

ATTENTION : the entrance is not from the European Convention Center, but at the back of the building. To get there, go to the usual forecourt in front of the European Convention Center, then go around the building on your left. Go down the street and turn right. The hemicycle is on your left (yellow building as in the photo).

Are you coming by car, bus, train or tram? All the practical information here.


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