The 10th International Microinsurance Conference


ADA, in partnership with BRS, provided a one-day workshop on financial and social performance evaluation for microinsurance at the event which took place in Mexico.

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Green energy in Peru

During the European Microfinance Week, ADA presented its green energy program for Peru.

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29th Midi de l'inclusion financière

The theme of our next Midi de l'inlusion financière will be dedicated to the risks of the microfinance sector. Sam Mendelson and Daniel Rozas, two of the authors of the survey Banana skins 2014, will come to elucidate the topic.

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The RIM launches its official website

The Risk management Initiative in Microfinance (RIM) aims to increase exchanges among microfinance institutions.

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"Passerelles" a link between research and practitioners


ADA has launched a biannual review focusing on inclusive finance, with the aim to strengthen the links between university and professionals.

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Inclusive Finance.
Increasing Autonomy.
Improving Lives.

ADA, inclusive finance expertise

Over the past 20 years, ADA has been dedicated to building and catalysing the financial inclusion of populations excluded from conventional banking channels in developing countries.

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Supporting and professionalising inclusive finance in Cape Verde

Inclusive finance in Cape Verde is still in its infancy. Its product range is not very diversified.Read more

Improving access to inclusive finance in Latin America

ADA is working with the REDCAMIF network to accelerate the development of inclusive finance in Central America and the Dominican Republic.Read more

A boost for young start-up entrepreneurs in West Africa

50% of young people aged 15–24 in Africa are thought to be unemployed. Many of them do not finish secondary education.Read more

Access to green energy through inclusive finance in a rural area

1.4 billion people —over 20% of the world population— have no access to electricity.Read more

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