About ADA

ADA, inclusive finance expertise

Over the past 20 years, ADA has been dedicated to building and catalysing the financial inclusion of populations excluded from conventional banking channels in developing countries.

We empower microfinance institutions and networks. Through the Luxembourg Microfinance and Development Fund, we also help them obtain the funding necessary for their sustainable growth. We focus on the development of innovative inclusive financial services, on capacity building and on action research.

We put our expertise to use in areas including youth financial inclusion, access to green energy through microfinance, microinsurance, and reinvested savings through remittances for migrants. We also put our know-how forward to individual States and collaborate with them to support their inclusive finance expansion strategies.

ADA is a non-governmental organisation approved and cofinanced by the Luxembourg Directorate for Development Cooperation and Humanitarian Affairs and is placed under the High Patronage of Her Royal Highness the Grand Duchess Maria Teresa.

The ADA Strategic Plan 2012/2016 is available on request: 

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