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SAM 2017 in Ethiopia - African Microfinance Week

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Creating values for SME’s: A new key role for microfinance?

The African Microfinance Week (referred to as the SAM, based on the French acronym) is a conference organised by the African networks AMT (African Microfinance Transparency) and MAIN (Microfinance African Institutions Network), and by ADA with the support of the Luxembourg Cooperation.

SAM's main ambition is to become the major microfinance African event; bringing all professionals together to one event saves time and financial resources.

The SAM, a whole week to:

  • meet the decision makers, public and private lenders, MFIs directors;
  • and microfinance investors;
  • build new partnerships and strengthen current business relations;
  • extend and maximize your network of contacts;
  • share best practices and innovative experiences;
  • accelerate financial inclusion on the continent.

If you want to learn more about the SAM 2017 :

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Research Meets Africa Workshop: papers now available

A publication compiles the research papers selected and presented during the Research meets Africa workshop that took place in the framework of the African Microfinance Week in Dakar.

Download the research papers for free

The workshop leveraged research on innovations, gathering expertise from different sectors, including those which are currently outside the microfinance world, on the topic "Accelerating Research on Innovations for Rural Financial Inclusion in Africa".



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