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ADA supports the empowerment of women entrepreneurs in El Salvador!

The two finalists of the circular economy cohort that the INSERT/Yawal incubator organized this year with the support of ADA share with us their experience at FLII 2019.

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« My vision is based upon the need for autonomy »

25 years after the establishement of ADA by Mia Adams, Alpha Ouedrago has been one of the first West-African partners to commit to the NGO from the very beginning. He recalls this long-term collaboration.

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“It took steady support to call it development“

25 years ago, Mia Adams launched the idea of ADA - Appui au Développement Autonome - a development organization that would provide support to the poorest so that they could bring their projects to life. We interviewed her.


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How to register for SAM 2019 training courses?

You have registered for SAM 2019 and we thank you for your interest!

You can now pick and choose among the numerous trainings and workshops offered. All are free of charge and are provided by the best experts in the field.

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SAM 2019 promotional session in Sudan

A promotional session of the SAM 2019 took place in Sudan on Sunday July 14. It was hosted by the Microfinance Unit, Central Bank of Sudan & organized by Alfal BDC.

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Interview with Dominique Owekisa

Dominique Owekisa, project manager at ADA, tells us more about his new position in ANDE West Africa Steering Commitee.

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Microvision in action in the UEMOA region

First Microvision Technical Assistance in the French-speaking zone (UMEOA) for the MFI Prodia as part of its institutional transformation.


Exclusive preview: Location of the SAM 2019 in Ouaga

In full agreement with the Government of Burkina Faso, the International Conference Center (CIC) of Ouaga 2000 in Ouagadougou was selected to host the most important pan African microfinance event: the SAM.

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Triple Jump becomes the second sponsor of the Investors' Fair

Triple Jump, an impact-focused investment manager that provides meaningful and responsible investment opportunities in developing countries, has confirmed its willingness to sponsor the Investors' Fair.

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Asky Airlines is granting 12% discount to the participants of the SAM

ASKY Airlines is granting a 12% discount on flights of SAM participants from countries covered by the ASKY Airlines network.

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From Japan to the Investor's Fair

Crowd Credit, a Japanese investor, has confirmed its willingness to sponsor the Investor's Fair.

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Training courses are available

The list of training courses that will take place at the SAM are available. ADA, BRS, SPTF, MSC Consulting, Micro-Insurance du Monde.... Find in detail the list of free training courses organized by our partners and register!

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The SAM bags are ready!

ADA had the conference bags of the SAM designed by GAFREH, a cooperative of women from Burkina Faso who give a second life to plastic bags scattered in nature to transform them into bags.

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