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COVID-19-New opportunities are emerging for MFIs EN

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ADA, Inpulse and the Grameen Crédit Agricole Foundation have joined forces to hear from their MFI partners and to better understand the impact of the covid-19 crisis from the perspective of financial service providers.

A first joint round of survey was launched from 18-27 May 2020 and gathered the views of 110 MFIs from around the world. Further rounds of survey will be launched every month until the end of the summer to keep track of the evolution of the situation.

The results of this first round show that while the crisis is affecting different regions of the world in different ways, certain difficulties are being encountered by the majority of MFIs, such as the inability to manage their lending activity as usual, leading to an increase in portfolio at risk and a reduction in outstanding portfolio. However, despite the challenges they face, MFIs are adapting, not only at the operational level, but also by thinking about the evolution of their products and services in the future. The full results can be found in the publication below.


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