Young entrepreneurs

ADA supports young entrepreneurs

ADA helps young entrepreneurs to develop their entrepreneurial skills with tailored financing solutions and capacity building to help them overcome obstacles such as limited access to funding, lack of management tools and skills as well as constrained market access.

ADA's programmes facilitate the development of:

  • innovative financial services, which are tailored to the needs of young entrepreneurs, such as revenue-based loans (a loan whose repayment schedule is based on the enterprise’s turnover or cash flow), guarantees (individual, joint or portfolio-based), medium-term loans (3-4 years) to enable the financing of equipment, etc.
  • non-financial support services for young people in formal and informal sectors which may take the form of group training or individual coaching by appropriate providers such as business incubators. These services strengthen the entrepreneurial and managerial skills of young entrepreneurs to enable them to manage their business and present its potential and viability to funders and to better identify market opportunities to sell their products and services.
Youg entrepreneurs