Access to basic services

ADA facilitates access to basic services

ADA aims to make vulnerable households more autonomous, especially those with limited access to basic services such as water and energy. To this end, ADA identifies specialised partners for the provision of access to basic services and carries out awareness-raising activities, whilst at the same time developing appropriate and tailored financing solutions.

ADA's programmes: 

  • develop tailored financing solutions to ensure that vulnerable households have easier access to basic services to meet their basic needs and create economic opportunities.
  • facilitate access to health services, housing, water/sanitation or education through the identification of specialised partners (equipment suppliers, specialised NGOs, etc.) which are well established in their area of intervention, by proposing sustainable and affordable solutions as part of the local economic fabric which enables them to make their solutions widely available.
  • raise awareness and train households regarding the added value of efficient and sustainable basic services, such as equipment powered by renewable energy, water efficient sanitation and water systems, etc.
Access to basic services