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Training organizations and institutions, take advantage of the logistics of the SAM and an audience of 500 to 700 microfinance professionals to organize training sessions. 
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Free training sessions

In this section you will find the training courses and worskhops organised by ADA and its partners in the framework of the SAM 2019.



This role, which is designed to develop the professionalisation of the sector, has been widely recognised and this expertise is now something that the participants at the SAM are able to benefit from. In fact, between 15 and 20 free training sessions are being made available to everyone who has registered to attend the African Microfinance Week (SAM).

Indeed, SAM’s objective is to bring together the key expertise and skills in the same place over a specific period (five working days), to make the best possible use of the time spent at the event by the managers of Microfinance Institutions (MFIs), banks, investment funds, regulators and the directors of public institutions.  In 2017, more than 500, out of a total of 700 participants, benefited from at least one training session.

These training sessions are provided free of charge by ADA and its long-standing partners whose reputation and expertise are widely recognised:

From social performance to financial performance, transparency, digital finance, microinsurance and inclusive and responsible finance, the themes of the workshops are particularly broad. With between 10 and 100 participants according to the trainers' wishes, in English or French with simultaneous translation provided in 90% of the courses, the training and workshops offered will allow each registrant to develop their knowledge and maximize this African Microfinance Week.

The training programme is designed to complement and to enhance the other SAM events, such as the Investor's Fair, the Innovator's Village and the two day conference.

List of training courses offered at SAM 2019

  • Microfact annual trainers’ meeting
    Organisers: ADA / BRS
  • Atelier d’échanges parmi les auditeurs sur les indicateurs de l’outil SPI4
    Organiser: SPTF
  • Discover Microvision, the new tool for financial and social projections created by Microfact!
    Organisers: ADA / BRS
  • Introductory Training to Responsible Inclusive Finance, with special modules on outcomes, responsible digital financial services, and upcoming SPTF activities
    Organiser: SPTF
  • ADA, networks and PAs: partnerships for more transparency in Africa
    Organiser: ADA
  • The microinsurance: leverage of securing microcredit and development savings
    Organiser: Micro-Assurance du Monde
  • Training on Responsible Digital Transformation
    Organiser: ADA
  • Concevoir et implémenter un réseau d’agents efficace
    Organiser: MSC Consulting
  • Formation sur la Transformation Numérique Responsable
    Organisateur : SPTF
  • Assemblée générale du réseau Main (Microfinance African Institutions Network)
    Organisateur : MAIN



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