Almost twenty free training sessions and workshops

ADA, just like the other co-organisers of the SAM, namely MAIN, AFRACA or APSFD, regularly organises training session aimed at microfinance professionals in the African continent. An up to date list of ADA’s training sessions may be found here.



This role, which is designed to develop the professionalisation of the sector, has been widely recognised and this expertise is now something that the participants at the SAM are able to benefit from. In fact, between 15 and 20 free training sessions are being made available to everyone who has registered to attend the African Microfinance Week (SAM).

Indeed, SAM’s objective is to bring together the key expertise and skills in the same place over a specific period (five working days), to make the best possible use of the time spent at the event by the managers of Microfinance Institutions (MFIs), banks, investment funds, regulators and the directors of public institutions.  In 2017, more than 500, out of a total of 700 participants, benefited from at least one training session.

These training sessions are provided free of charge by ADA and its long-standing partners whose reputation and expertise are widely recognised:

At the previous edition of the SAM in 2017, the main training providers were:

  • The SPTF
  • The Grameen Foundation - Crédit Agricole
  • The FAO
  • e-MFP
  • ADA
  • The CGAP
  • Accion - Center for Inclusive Finance
  • RIM

The workshops cover a broad range of topics, from rural finance to social performance, risk management, marketing, financial performance and digitalisation. The training sessions and workshops, which are attended by between 10 and 100 participants, according to the trainers’ specifications and the interests of the participants, are held in English or in French with simultaneous interpretation provided in 90% of the sessions. The sessions will enable each participant to develop their knowledge and to get the most out of this African Microfinance Week.

The training programme is designed to complement and to enhance the other SAM events, such as the Investor's Fair, the Innovator's Fair and the two day conference.

The list of training sessions for SAM 2019 will be announced shortly. Stay tuned by subscribing to the newsletter below.

Training bodies and institutions: benefit from the SAM infrastructure and the presence of between 500 and 700 microfinance professionals to organise training sessions. Contact us: 


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