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14 September 2020 Covid-19 crisis

Signatory organizations report on Covid-19 Pledge: implementation and lessons learned

Six months after the signature of the Pledge, a working group of signatories  draw lessons from the implementation of the pledge principles. In a common publication, the signatories present the progress on 10 principles.
12 August 2020 Covid-19 crisis

The MFI GRAINE in Burkina Faso experiences the Covid Response Programme

In April 2020, ADA launched a support programme for partner MFIs to face the epidemic. The burkinabe MFI GRAINE shares its feedback on ADA’s support.

The objective of the COVID-19 response programme is to support ADA's partner MFIs by offering them, on the one hand, technical assistance and tools to facilitate the management of their operations in the context of the epidemic and, on the other hand, subsidies for the purchase of sanitary material or equipment to enable the continuity of their activities. A total of EUR 1 022 814 was granted for this purpose.

28 July 2020 Covid-19 crisis
22 July 2020 Covid-19 crisis

Covid-19 affects MFIs of different sizes in different ways

ADA, Inpulse and the Grameen Crédit Agricole Foundation have joined forces to closely monitor and analyse the effects of the COVID-19 crisis among their partners around the world.
16 July 2020 Covid-19 crisis

REDCAMIF: Newsletter - July 2020

Discover the results of ADA's "COVID-19 Response Programme" and REDCAMIF's financial education videos on care and prevention in the time of COVID-19.

30 June 2020 Covid-19 crisis

How ADA is tackling the Covid-19 crisis

From Luxembourg, ADA has leveraged all its resources to keep current projects ongoing as much as possible, as well as designing and implementing responses to the Covid-19 crisis as soon as possible.

20 June 2020 Covid-19 crisis

Participate in the webinar Microfinance and COVID-19 in the WAEMU - The Voice of Professionals in Decentralized Financial Systems

Organized by FAPSFD of WAEMU and UNCDF, in partnership with ADA

On June 29th from 2pm to 4pm GMT, we invite you to the first of a series of webinars on "Microfinance and COVID-19 in the WAEMU".
During this session, industry professionals will share their analysis on the impact of the crisis and their vision for its resilience in the WAEMU. The session was organized by the Federation of Professional Associations of Decentralized Financial Systems (FAPSFD) and UNCDF, in partnership with ADA, e-MFP, SEEP, CGAP and the FinDev Portal.

19 June 2020 Covid-19 crisis

Our partner MFIs' perspective on the Covid crisis-19

ADA, Inpulse and the Grameen Crédit Agricole Foundation have joined forces to hear from their MFI partners and to better understand the impact of the covid-19 crisis from the perspective of financial service providers.

A first joint round of survey was launched from 18-27 May 2020 and gathered the views of 110 MFIs from around the world. Further rounds of survey will be launched every month until the end of the summer to keep track of the evolution of the situation.

18 June 2020 Covid-19 crisis

ADA leveraged EUR 1 million to help its partners overcome the crisis!

ADA, with the aid of the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs of Luxembourg, has set up a response programme to help its partners get through the crisis. This programme offers them the possibility of receiving a grant, on the one hand, to finance technical assistance to design and implement the solutions needed to adapt to the context created by the epidemic and, on the other hand, to finance the purchase of health equipment or computer to facilitate the continuity of their activities.
18 June 2020 Covid-19 crisis

Participate in the e-MFP survey on the sector's challenges and priorities

This is a special edition of the survey for "The Covid-19 Financial Inclusion Compass."