What we do

ADA implements inclusive finance projects to strengthen the autonomy of vulnerable people by leveraging inclusive finance to improve their living conditions.


ADA’s activities focus on three main topics: 

—  supporting young entrepreneurs: ADA develops innovative financing mechanisms which are tailored to the needs of young entrepreneurs and provides them with training or coaching to enable them to develop their entrepreneurial and managerial skills; 

—  strengthening agricultural and forestry value chains: ADA gives small, family-run farms and forestry businesses access to appropriate financing and production practices which are both sustainable and climate-resilient. This facilitates their access to information, inputs and markets, enabling them to sell their produce at a fair price; 

— giving vulnerable households access to basic services: ADA identifies innovative and sustainable solutions to ensure vulnerable households have access to basic services such as renewable energy and water and sanitation. Financing solutions are then developed to enable them to benefit from these services at an affordable price. 


In addition, ADA also:

— acts as an investment advisor for the Luxembourg Microfinance and Development Fund (LMDF) and the Financing Innovation Tool (FIT). ADA carries out the prospection, selection and the financial and social analysis of innovative and impactful microfinance institutions.

— strengthens national inclusive finance sectors by encouraging greater responsibility, transparency, accountability and client protection through the promotion of best practices.

— encourages innovation and continuous improvement within the organisation and are intrinsically linked to ADA’s other activities (knowledge management).