High Patronage


O Minaire ADA

ADA is under the High Auspices of HRH the Grand Duchess of Luxembourg.

On 5 July 2007, our association was granted the High Patronage of the Grand Duchess Maria Teresa, a true mark of confidence on the part of Her Royal Highness. HRH Maria Teresa is very active in the promotion of microcredit and is the honorary chairperson of the LUXFLAG Microfinance Label. She has visited numerous microfinance projects in Nepal, Mali, Bangladesh, Thailand, Laos and Bosnia, and denounced the status of women in Afghanistan. Indeed, improving the quality of life of women and girls around the world is a top priority and active pursuit of the Grand Duchess. And as it's happens, that this is one of the main impacts of microfinance.

To find out more about the humanitarian involvement of H.R.H. the Grand Duchess, you may consult the website of the grand-ducal Court.

"Because it awakens the creative forces that are the characteristic of man, I firmly believe that microfinance proclaims a new era. Charity and assistance will remain indispensable as far as our eyes are concerned, Microcredit tool brings something new by enabling the poorest to regain their dignity and to bring about the solution for their own needs. In this, there are prospects unknown up to now that are emerging."

HRH the Grand Duchess of Luxembourg.