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Digital Project Manager

Location: Luxembourg City
Type of contract: permanent 
Application deadline: 30 September 2022

• Coordinating the implementation of and/or upgrades to a digital development project management tool within the organisation, which will be used to manage projects at every stage (design, implementation, operational and budget monitoring, and reporting);
• Coordinating the optimisation of the structure and use of collaborative platforms within the organisation (SharePoint and Teams);
• Helping to design and produce logs and other reporting tools;
• Ensuring the consistency and compatibility of digital tools used by the various teams and, where necessary, reviewing or expanding the set of tools.

In particular, these tasks will require:
• Taking into account an existing diagnosis of digital requirements and tools;
• Undertaking a more in-depth analysis of the business needs of the users of these tools;
• Helping to define project management processes and collaborative work processes in-house;
• Coordinating the selection of and/or managing relations with the relevant providers and serving as a contact point between in-house teams and providers;
• Creating and/or updating user manuals for these tools;
• Training users to work with the various tools and processes and following up on users on a regular basis.

• Higher education (Master's Degree);
• At least 5 years of experience in a similar position in charge of digital project management;
• Outstanding digital literacy and knowledge of digital technologies and tools. Proficiency in the Office suite and, particularly, SharePoint and Teams required;
• The ability to quickly get to grips with the organisations’ mission, its activities, the technical challenges involved and users' needs and constraints;
• The ability to coordinate and oversee a digital project from the identification of requirements to the implementation of solutions, including training users and following up on their experiences;
• The ability to work with different teams and rally people behind a common project;
• Outstanding analytical skills, creativity and a proactive spirit;
• Meticulous, autonomous and well-organised.



ADA only offers research internships for the duration of two to six months for students who need to complete their degree with an academic thesis. They will be tasked with researching an inclusive finance topic that is a priority for ADA. Fully supervised by the Knowledge Management team, the internship not only enables the student to acquire methodological skills, but also to contribute to the creation of new knowledge by answering specific research questions. If required, the student will go on sponsored field missions to collect data.

The desired research topic(s) should be indicated in the application. Please note that applicants need a working knowledge of both English and French.

To apply, please send your application (CV and cover letter) to

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