Board of Directors

ADA's Board of Directors is composed of 12 people from different sectors of the Luxembourgish economy.

They are experts in their fields and advise ADA on its operational and strategic focus. The Board of Directors meets eleven times a year and holds its yearly General Assembly in June.


  • Board of Directors

Chairwoman: Corinne Molitor
Vice-chairwoman: Nicole Dochen
Vice-chairman: Patrick Losch
Vice-chairman: Philippe-Fitzpatrick Onimus

  • Directors

Gilles Franck
Rémy Jacob
Michel Maquil
Max Meyer
Abraham Schim van der Loeff
Robert Wagener
Luc Vandeweerd
Claude Witry

  • Executive Committee

Laura Foschi - Executive Director
Christian Baron - Director of Operations

  • Executive Adviser

Bruno Obegi

  • Head of Human resources 

Sylvie Marquegnies

  • Heads of Units

Fiona Levasseur - Head of Administration, Logistics and Legal
Emmanuelle Bilocq - Head of Finance, Accounting, Budgets and Systems
Bénédicte Godefroid - Head of Technical Support, Sector and Networks
Matthew Genazzini - Head of Technical Support of MFIs
Frédéric Ruaz - Head of Information and Public Relations


Laura Foschi SAM 2019

Laura Foschi @ SAM 2019, Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso

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