Practical information

Practical information for your travel and stay in Lomé, Togo  


How to register for SAM

Click here for more information.

Flight discounts 

We have partnerships with several airlines to facilitate your travel to Lomé. 

For travellers booking their flight via ASKY, book your flight directly via ASKY. For other travellers: please click here to open the form 

If you are paying by corporate credit card

Before taking the next steps, download the form for authorisation to use a coporate card and return the completed form to

In order for someone to use Company/Organisation’s credit card to purchase his/her tickets the authorisation form should be filled in, signed, stamped by the authorised person in the Company/Organisation. Additionally copy of both sides of the card is needed to be sent together with the above authorisation.

You can share the particular authorisation to all of those you know will travel via Company/Organisation’s expenses.

If you are paying by personal credit card

Follow these steps to submit your travel request. 

A dedicated team will revert to you with the discounted SAM 2023 rates from 9 to 27 October 2023 

We kindly advise you to check and confirm that you fulfil all the necessary criteria to enter Togo and that your documents are up to date. 

The discounts range from 3 to 12 % depending on the availability on the chosen flight. There is no standard reduction rate. The sooner you submit your request, the better the price and the higher the discount. 

All travellers must fill in the travel request form in the following manner: 

  • Please insert your first(s) name(s) as written in your passport: 
  • Please insert your last name as written in your passport: 
  • Please insert your passport information:  
    • Passport number 
    • Expiration date  
    • Date of birth  
  • Please upload a copy of your passport  
  • Please indicate your mobile phone number (i.e. +352 691 999 999) 
  • Please indicate your mail address  
  • Please indicate your full invoicing address (voluntary) 


  • Please insert your travel dates: 
    • Departure date  
    • Return date 
    • Number of people travelling with you on the same flights  
  • If you possess a Frequent Flyer Card, please submit: 
    • The full number of your latest and updated card 
    • The name of the airline that issued your card 
  • Payment is only possible by credit card (participants can only use their personal credit card to purchase their own ticket to travel), full payment is required upon confirmation of the itinerary. Please insert your 
    • Card number  
    • Expiration date  
    • CVV code 
    • Full name of cardholder 
    • Please upload a photocopy or scan/photo of both sides of your credit card 


Prepare your travel

To prepare your travel, visit the official website for all your travel plans to or from Togo.

How to obtain a VISA for your stay in Togo 

The Togolese government, co-organiser of SAM 2023, foresees free visas for all SAM participants who require a visa.

Please follow this procedure to obtain a free visa:

  • Once your SAM registration has been validated via the ticketing service (accreditation received and payment finalised), a visa delivery certificate will be sent to you by email to make it easier for you to obtain a free visa to travel to the conference in Togo;
  • Please keep this certificate and use it on Togo's official VISAS website:
    • In step 2, please select " Conference/Seminar/Workshop ".
    • In step 3, in the section under "A visa is required for this trip", please follow these steps:
      • please select the last option " Une attestation de délivrance de visa à l'arrivée dûment signé par le Ministre des affaires étrangères Togolais” which translates as A delivery certificate for a visa on arrival duly signed by the Togolese Minister of Foreign Affairs.
      • Then complete the form with the following information:
        • Numéro de l’attestation reçue: translates as number of your visa delivery certificate
        • Issued by: select "Togolese Ministry of Foreign Affairs"
        • Date of issue: The date on which you received the certificate
        • Date of expiry: 31.12.2023
        • Copie de votre lettre, cliquez pour sélectionner ou glissez la copie de votre lettre : translates as Attach your visa delivery certificate, click to select or drag and drop into the foreseen area

List of visa-exempt countries.

List of countries eligible for Togolese visa.

List of countries with bilateral agreements.

SAM partner hotels 

The SAM organisers have personally visited and approved the SAM 2023 partner hotels recommended for your stay in Lomé. In addition to a reduced price, you can avail of a shuttle service between all partner hotels and the SAM conference (which will take place at CIC Lomé and Hôtel 2 Février). 

Here is the list of hotels with negotiated prices and booking details (The list of partner hotels will be available when the ticketing service is launched). Please specify that you are booking as part of Semaine africaine de la microfinance (SAM) 2023 to benefit from the preferred rates. 

Where will SAM take place?

The 6th edition of SAM will take place in Lomé, Togo, at the Lomé Conference Centre and the Hôtel 2 Février. The two venues are accessible on foot.

The address is Place de L'Independence Bp.131, Lomé, Togo

How to get there

Shuttle buses will run between partner hotels and the conference centre throughout the SAM week. The shuttle bus timetable will be posted in the respective hotels.

Please note the event takes place in a restricted access zone for security reasons  :

To gain access to the SAM venue, you need to bring your accreditation badge plus ID.


E-mail address for any questions relating to SAM: