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Investors' Fair

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A full-day investment event of a special kind: unique symbiosis of exhibitions, one-to-one business meetings and conference. More than 500 meetings were held in Ouagadougou! Thank you all!

What does the Investor’s Fair offer?

A highly efficient matchmaking platform for African transparent MFIs and the major investors in the field of inclusive finance.

Why the Investors' Fair?

The Investors' Fair offers a unique opportunity to meet a wide variety of transparent African MFIs and investors. It has been conceived to create a platform where MFIs are able to connect with the major investment funds involved in inclusive finance by discussing business opportunities.

Both Investors and MFIs will be able to optimize the time and the money invested in business trips. During a full day, the individual tables will all be grouped together in the same space. Participants will have the chance to encounter business partners coming from several countries, all possessing a high potential in creating an impact for their organisations.

Who is the Fair for?

- Investors and other financial service providers interested in inclusive finance in Africa

- Small, medium and large African Microfinance Organisations, as well as banks, providing financial services to low-income households.

A new concept to get the most out of the Fair

The Investor’s Fair has always been considered one of the highlights of the SAM and its popularity is widely acknowledged.

Yet organisers want to enhance the experience for exhibitors and visitors, by providing them with powerful tools to maximise their presence.

In particular, the goal of this new edition is to provide investors and MFIs with a full range of information. This will enable them to set meaningful business meetings and to build bridges for future investment deals.

SAMapp: the engine behind the Investor’s Fair 2019

The SAM-app will offer MFIs the possibility to provide significant and transparent information about their organisation. This will allow investors to get a clear overview of their financial situation and of their current funding needs.

Likewise, investors can present their organisation to the MFIs and share details about their investment priorities.

Based on this information, both investors and MFIs will be able to organise their own agendas and set up meetings with various relevant partners.

For both investors and MFIs, the SAMapp will be accessible once they have registered for the SAM.

How does the event unfold?

The Fair takes place over a day, mostly in the form of one-to-one meetings between investors and MFIs. The majority of these meetings are organised in advance, through the SAM-app.

In practice during the Fair day, the investors are provided with one table, where they can meet with the MFIs that are most compatible with their investment priorities. It is also a chance to present institutions and funding needs.

Organisers encourage participants to organise the first meetings in the morning, and to keep them short, no longer than 30 minutes, in order to be able to meet with the largest possible number of relevant organisations.

The afternoon will be devoted to free appointments between MFIs and investors or to further develop discussions started in the morning.

Finally investors that sponsor the Fair will be able to present their institutions and their mission to the public on stage.

What are the advantages for MFIs?

SAM is the largest event gathering practitioners of microfinance in Africa. This is a unique opportunity to showcase your work and present your financial needs to improve your services and develop your institution.

For this reason, we strongly recommend every MFI interested in participating in the Fair, to complete their profile on the SAM-app once you are registered for the SAM.

What are the advantages for investors?

Investors have the unique opportunity to meet with several African MFIs from different countries and regions at once. In addition, these short pre-organized meetings allow for a first contact, which often leads to long-term fruitful joint ventures.

Microfinance Investment Vehicles, MFIs “Speed Date,” Ink Deals

At the SAM 2017 Investor's Fair, dozens of MFIs and investors met for the first time or renewed old connections. Speaking on behalf of REGMIFA (the Regional MSME Investment Fund for Sub-Saharan Africa), Duncan Frayne of the Symbiotics Group said, “The value for me is meeting up-and-coming MFIs as well as swapping notes with peer investors.” Regarding the Investors' Fair at the last SAM in 2015, Mr Frayne said, “There are a few MFIs that we made a first contact with in Dakar with which we since have closed deals.