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Investors' Fair

This event takes place within the framework of the African Microfinance Week, in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso.

Foire aux investisseurs

Foire aux Investisseurs

Why the Investors' Fair?

The Investors' Fair offers a unique opportunity to meet a large variety of transparent African MFIs and investors. As well as providing opportunities to increase access to external funding for MFIs, the Fair also offers a platform for participants to exchange best practices. Organized for the 4th time in the framework of the SAM, the Investors' Fair is an ideal opportunity to bring together African microfinance institutions (MFIs) and investors and support organizations active on the continent. 

How does the event unfold?

The Fair takes place over a morning, in the form of speed-dating sessions of 25 minutes each. These sessions are scheduled in advance by the organizers, according to the choice of meetings made beforehand by the MFIs and the investors. In order to best plan the sessions, the organizers will collect key data from the participants before the event.
The afternoon is generally devoted to free appointments between MFI and investors.

Who is the Fair for?

The Investors' Fair is open to African MFIs seeking financing and to social investors active in microfinance in Africa.

What are the advantages for MFIs?

SAM is the largest event bringing together practitioners of microfinance in Africa. This is a unique opportunity to showcase your work and demonstrate your financial needs in order to improve your services and develop your institution.

Your profile will be known in advance thanks to the form that you will have to return to ADA after your registration. This will allow us to put you in touch with the most appropriate investors.

What are the advantages for investors?

Investors have the unique opportunity to meet with several African MFIs from different regions at once. In addition, these short pre-organized meetings allow for a first contact, which often leads to long-term fruitful joint ventures!

Investors who wish to participate in the Fair must first be registered to the SAM. The registration will open in May 2019

The price, which will be announced shortly, will include a one-day investor stand to facilitate meetings with MFIs, as well as visibility in the Investor's Directory that will be distributed during the conference.

Microfinance Investment Vehicles, MFIs “Speed Date,” Ink Deals

At the SAM 2017 Investorss Fair, dozens of MFIs and investors met for the first time or renewed old connections. Speaking on behalf of REGMIFA (the Regional MSME Investment Fund for Sub-Saharan Africa), Duncan Frayne of the Symbiotics Group said, “The value for me is meeting up-and-coming MFIs as well as swapping notes with peer investors.” Regarding the Investors' Fair at the last SAM in 2015, Mr Frayne said, “There are a few MFIs that we made first contact with in Dakar with which we since have closed deals.

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"Strengthening links between African MFIs and investors"

 4 reasons to participate in the Fair:

  • Personalised appointments between MFIs and investors via 25 minute speed-dating sessions organised in advance according to the needs of the participants;
  • Direct contact with microfinance investors, rating agencies and other professionals of the microfinance sector;
  • A unique opportunity to create lasting partnerships;
  • Increased visibility of your MFI and its activities.

The main objective of this unique event is to optimize the contact and exchange of experiences between African MFIs and investors to increase access to finance for MFIs.


You would like to attend the Investors' Fair as an MFI or as an investor? Or you would like to sponsor it?
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