Training in agricultural and rural finance (FAR)


Introductory e-learning session  
From 1 April to 26 April 2024 (4 weeks)

In-person session in an African country
October 2024 (6 days) 


The Agricultural and Rural Finance (FAR, derived from the French name Finance agricole et rurale) training programme is organised jointly by ADA, the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs, Defense, Development Cooperation and Foreign Trade (MFA) and the Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations (FAO). 

This training programme aims to create a unique platform where participants can gain and exchange knowledge of financing Africa's agricultural and rural sectors. Expert speakers will share concrete activities and results, providing an opportunity to identify best practices. 

The programme targets managers of financial institutions and other actors in inclusive finance operating in Africa who wish to develop financial products and services tailored to the agricultural sector's needs (public authorities, FinTech, insurance companies, investment funds, etc.). 

This annual training course is available in French and English. It is organised in two phases: an introductory e-learning session over four weeks and an in-depth one-week in-person session for the most committed and diligent participants of the online session. 

Course content

1/ INTRODUCTIVE ONLINE SESSION 2024 - From 1 to 26 April 2024

The introductory session lasts four weeks and is accessible via a dedicated online platform, with the flexibility to work at your own pace (estimated 5 to 10 hours of work per week).

The content is organised into two main parts, each subdivided into modules. Each module includes lessons, quizzes, individual exercises and discussion forums for participants and speakers.

Part 1: "Financial products and markets":

  • Market opportunities and product design 
  • Digital financial services for agricultural finance  
  • Financing mechanisms in agricultural value chains 

Part 2: "Risk management strategies":

  • Risk management in agricultural finance  
  • Agricultural insurance for smallholder farmers 

The courses are complemented by four plenary sessions, in webinar format, with experts in agricultural finance and financial inclusion on topics such as climate financing, agroforestry, investment in agriculture and the establishment of business plans. 

2/ IN-PERSON SESSION 2024 - October 2024 in an African country

The in-person session aims to offer more advanced knowledge covered in the online session. It is reserved for the 40 best participants selected based on their commitment and results during the e-learning session. 

Practical information

Price: Access to the e-learning session is free. If your application is selected, you will need to provide a letter of commitment signed by your line manager. To attend the in-person training, the 40 best participants of the e-learning session will automatically receive a scholarship offered by the Luxembourg Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs, which will cover the costs of training, accommodation and meals. 

Language: The course is available in French and English. For the e-learning session, a platform is established for each language. For the in-person session, participants will be split into two groups, with courses provided in one of the two languages per group.

Contact: For further information about the course, please contact the FAR team via this e-mail address.


Applications for FAR2024 are now closed.

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28 May 2024
FAR training improves the skills of agricultural finance professionals with a view to resilient and sustainable rural development
The FAR course enhanced participants' agricultural finance skills and introduced innovative solutions for rural financial inclusion, featuring an online session with IFAD's climate risk and agricultural insurance specialist, Tara James.

26 April 2024
FAR training improves technical agricultural finance skills with RuralInvest

During the FAR training, participants had the opportunity to attend a webinar presenting the RuralInvest initiative led by the FAO investment centre.

19 December 2023
Success of the Agricultural and Rural Finance training programme (FAR2023) in Togo and strengthening of the alumni community

The continuous success of the FAR training programme since 2019 is due to its ability to address a crucial need for knowledge and experience sharing in agricultural finance.

30 March 2023
FAR 2023 training kicks off with 145 selected participants

The continuous success of the FAR training programme since 2019 is due to its ability to address a crucial need for knowledge and experience sharing in agricultural finance.